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18 Years From Now...

...it will be 2023. That seems weird even to TYPE.

My first thought: Will this still exist? The net, or something like it? And if you use GoogAOL to data mine deep enough, will there still be this entry, written right before my daughter is born?

Still no news. Catt had some contractions tonight, but nothing else. Of course, now that it looks like they're going to HAVE to induce, and I can actually schedule a flight... it doesn't matter. It's actually alright, I was already resigned to drop 320 on the round trip. Considering the last flight I took to phoenix was 260, it's not horrific. It's STILL way cheaper than driving, which (while also more feasible with an inducement), would have been long, dull and probably hot. Las Vegas is worth the drive when you've got two or more in the car -- a solo to phoenix wouldn't really work on many levels.

Odd... it may become a symbol of status to DRIVE from city to city, while the hoi polloi are "forced" to fly.

If this makes it to the future, I'm hoping it's being read back by a three dimensional holographic avatar on the dash of the family air car, and that only because most of the cars computational power is dealing with FLYING the vehicle for us, otherwise the direct neural stimulus would...

I'll stop there, as I'm certain they'll all be laughing hysterically at this point -- either at how wildly optimistic I was at the current state of tech I was, how much I underestimated how far we would advance... or both.

What a weird length of time 18 years is. (sudden thought -- why 18? For that matter, why 21?) I wonder if will still be as important an age as it is now, or if the advances of science, morality and law make it's impact shift in either direction. There's so much I'm guessing that's coming down the road that excites and scares me with it's even chance probability to either help or hinder us, as a race, as a country, as individuals. The A bomb? H bomb? They just screw with the physical. What can come in 18 years... well, think BACK 18 years, or look it up on the 'Net if you can't.

18 years ago I was using an 8 Mhz Mac Plus with a whole MEGABYTE of RAM, in glorious 1-bit color (i.e. Black and White). I was lucky enough to have a 20 Mb hard drive and 2400 baud modem. This was because the corporation I was swindling contrating with, the Equitable, had money to throw at high end workstations like this -- that setup alone ran over 7000 dollars. The modem alone (bought separately!) was over a thousand. And then there was the LaserWriter Plus...

You get the idea. Making things worse is how the technology can go in the weirdest directions... and that's just TECH, arguably the easiest thing to track forward.

What will we become culturally in all that time? Will we be looking back at this decade the way we look back at the Soviet Union now? I'm hoping that you will have the right to marry (or not!) any man, woman, aliens, robots, genetically modified sentient animals or combination and quantity thereof. I'm hoping that you're looking back at this time as the new macarthyism, and not forward to it... and that you've learned the lesson of this past to be so that it doesn't ever get repeated. I'm hoping that, against all hope or probability, that the world is a slightly less scary and bizarre place, or at least that there's a better awareness that is is, and thus will cut the bizarre and weird (and why do I think you are?) a better deal.

But, regardless of anything that does or doesn't happen, I hope you're happy.

In the meantime I pass the manic, slightly insomniac like existence by rolling out yet another of those journal entries that, across that murky divide, rolls The Family in mirth as I squirm in embarrassment at how damn PEDANTIC I am... and the fact that I missed an obvious spelling error for the last 18 years the entry was available to me.
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