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Not Your Typical Flower Delivery, Part the First

So, I decided to take the iBook on it's first trip. So far, it seems to be having a good time, and it has already come in handy to transcribe a pagan prayer by way of lovingstones (lavendersage was originally going to do that for me, but in my typical un-erringly accurate fashion I managed to call while she was in the shower. Audra naked and wet, just the way I like her.

Oh yeah, the "inappropriate commentary as defense mechanism" appears to have been fully engaged. Yet another reason I wonder how people tolerate me.

The Oakland Airport is REALLY quiet for a Saturday. Hell, weekdays are probably more lively than this is. I send a silent "thank you" to whatever minor deity is in charge of scheduling births for allowing my soon-to-be-daughter to stay in the relative comfort of the womb for just one more week, thus sparing me that extra level of insanity.

As if I NEEDED any more help in THAT area.

For all the light traffic, I've already had a piece or two of tasty eye-candy to help keep me distracted, although I do need to set this down soon to get some caffeinated beverage. Roni pulled through the KFC of of Park -- the weird one where you go CLOCKWISE around the building, instead of counter -- but not only don't they carry macaroni salad (grumbles at the stupidity), but there was literally NOTHING on the drink menu I was capable of swallowing without gagging. Not even the raspberry iced tea I drink as a fall back. Damn Pepsi crap.

There was this one really hot guy who walked by me twice, the second time as I was talking with dcatt to check in. The poor thing is so worn out by the contractions every 6 minutes for the last two days (!!!) she actually asked for pain killers. This is a lot bigger a deal than it sounds -- she doesn't take them. Ever. So no I get to be worried for the next three hours until I see her.

(note to self: Have a good long talk with the Head Engineer some day regarding the serious design flaws of the human reproductive process.)

Anyway, I'm going to try and keep up with the offline entries until... well... I can find myself some net access again.
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