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Cultivating Lilly, Part The Second

In a weird sort of homage a la Quentin Tarentino, I now tell you how we got to my previous entry of extreme cuteness in a somewhat roundabout way. But first, a special note:

WARNING: Anything placed behind an LJ Cut means that it's going to contain information that may squick, nauseate, or just plain freak some people out. The fact that I hardly ever LJ cut should be a clue that I have a damn good reason to cut it.

First, a quick shout out of fellow new parent congrats to notamos and afullmargin, who managed to have their kids within a week of mine. Watch out world, the freaks are breeding.

So, when I last posted (before the birth announcement) I had just arrived in Phoenix, and Catt was delighted to see me. Her good friend... VERY good friend, folks, and no, not the "with benefits" kind either... Shawna picked me up at the airport. When I got to Catt's apartment, Maggie (her step mother) was standing watch. Shawna went to get us some food (including some coke for me -- yay, caffeine!). They left shortly afterward, and we managed to get some quality time together.

She was having contractions, not true labor, but they weren't so bad. She had been having them since the previous Thursday, and the previous night they had gotten so bad she had gone to Banner Dessert for some pain management in the form of a shot of Demerol.

About every 6 to 15 minutes the contractions would get so bad she had to sit up, which made snuggling a bit tricky. She got hungry so I got her some of the cantaloupe that Shawna had purchased.

That's when things started to go downhill.

First, she got so nauseous she actually vomited. Okay, strong contractions and pain can do that. But then, what was going on with those anyway? I grabbed a paper and a pen, and started logging the timing, in case this was IT.

From 7:30 to 10:30 I logged something like 50 contractions... and they were all over the place. Once I thought I could see a pattern, another one would hit when I didn't expect it. I pinged kshandra to ask some advice. She in turn hooked me up with eleri, who I KNEW did the doula thing, and she wound up calling me to talk with me about what was going on.

She had some great suggestions, but before we could get very far into them She was already exhausted from the previous two days worth, and finally decided she wanted to head over to Banner Desert for another shot. I rang up Shawna, and she was there in 15 minutes. This was after 11:30. Did I mention what a great friend she was? We didn't take Catt's car because it's not large enough for her to get into a good "dealing with nasty contraction" position.

So we get to Banner, and they put us into a triage room. The plan was that they would determine that labor hadn't started, check the baby, and play "candy man" to Catt's agony. Only that bastard Murphy HAD to stick his two cents in.

Right off there was a problem getting the babies heartbeat to show up on the monitor. There were some tense moments waiting for her to move, which she finally did. They decided to pull in an ultrasound, only the portable unit was having a devil of a time getting an image to check the heart rate with. So we all wound up in another room, where even the big guns had some trouble. Baby was fine, but they realized why they had so much trouble with the portable -- apparently there was not enough fluid cushioning Lilly. This seemed to trigger red flags, because it was decided that Catt was going to check in that night, much to our surprise and complete lack of preparedness.

When we got back to the triage room, the nurse had the bright idea to try another sensor, which DID work. I hang my head in shame for not thinking of that in the first place. But perhaps it's best I didn't, considering how everything turned out... if not for that first sensor failing, they never would have done the ultra sound, and things might have gotten a LOT uglier in the long run.

So, Catt, Shawna and Me wound up going from the extremely frigid triage room, where I had been forced to wear Catt's sweater to prevent hypothermia from setting in... and yes, the irony of that happening in Arizona where the temps are ALREADY pushing 100 wasn't lost on me.

They had decided to use Staydol (spelling?) for the pain, which gave her the chance to finally relax. It was also decided to start an IV to help get her fluids up to help the process along.

Since she was now resting, we pretty much just kept watch over her. I tried to get some rest, and sorta napped for an hour in the family lounge, which had a couch... ONE couch. It was one of the few mis-steps in an otherwise nicely laid out and designed facility, having all these chairs, but only one couch.

Anyway, as Sunday dawned and the staydol started to wear off, Catt's contractions were worse. She was still at 1 CM dilated, which is what it had been for the last week -- not hopeful in the least.

I'm actually pretty fuzzy at this point how things progressed, so I hope that when Catt gets back online and reads this, she'll be able to help establish the correct order for things.

At some point the pain got so bad that Catt finally consented to an Epidural. Remember, it was a big deal just for her to ask for the demerol in the first place, and she was concerned that going the epidural route would make labor more difficult. The trouble was they couldn't keep the external baby monitor in place properly, so they asked if they could insert one. That meant that Catt's water would be broken, and we would be committed to a 24 hour timeframe... and that brought up the C-Section topic for the first time.

(To be continued... there's so much more, and I'm hungry, tired, and want to turn my mind off than it is.)
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