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We Now Return You To Your Life, Already in Progress

So, there we were, spending a quiet evening at home. I had spent a lovely, quiet day with lunar_phoenix, and was having a really low stress time with Roni finally watching the extended version of "The Return of the King" (disc one) that I got last Solstice, when my phone rang. It was my mom.

"Are you watching TV?" was the first thing she said.

I was puzzled... when she told me that there was a Tsunami warning for the entire west coast, I felt every drop of adrenaline, lovingly recreated over the last few days, drench into my bloodstream.

We confirmed it via the weather channel, and I called bunnybutt and penguin_goddess to let them know. I decided the cutting and running was a good idea, because in twenty minutes I was certain I could be in the Berkeley Hills, a good 800 feet up. Sure, we were probably fine in Alameda, with a highest elevation in the lower 2 digits, but why take the chance?

Considering I got a call from dcatt as I whipped around the block (With only the briefest of pauses to await some old asian woman carrying her groceries. I briefly toyed with the idea of screaming "Goddamnit, get out of my way! There's a TSUNAMI coming!" at her, but I forebore) and snagged penguin_goddess, and was halfway to the hills...

When Michele called to tell me that they had just cancelled the alert.


So I turned the car around, fielded calls from Mom and Catt saying the same damn thing. I'm now going to do something about the 3 inch knots in my back, and hopefully sleep sometime before dawn.

God DAMN it. Just when was finally starting to relax.

(when we got back, the sprinklers turned on. I had this image of an exterior shot, day - suburbia. The sprinklers turn on, just as the wave of water comes crashing through, wiping middle class dreams into a swirl of black water and foam...)
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