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Where The Hell Is Yo Now?!

You know, it occurs to me: I now have the right, as a permanent account holder, to have up to... um, I think it's 50 pics as user icons. I think, at some point, I'm going to sit down with the remote and come up with some of me, and cook up some originals. Possibly animated.

Because, damn it... I'm bored with the old ones.

I'm feeling the same way about the Rotunda, with the most exciting thing happening with the site is changing registrars from InterNic (just too aggressive with the marketing, boys) to DirectNic. Sarah-Jayne speaks highly of it.

Anyway, work has been insane in more ways than one, dcatt was forced to return to the hospital for a week because of post-surgery infection (not her fault, the Doctors say... which means it was something she picked up while in the hospital. Oops! No huge shock, though), and... well, there's a lot of stuff I can't talk about quite yet, at least not in an unlocked post. Suffice it to say that I'm going to be making some big changes, and they ain't personal.

No more near death experiences, but I am mourning the deaths of Tigger and Piglet. How odd that two of them died so close together...

And yes, I shed tears.

In other news, I'm thinking of getting the biggest, baddest super soaker from hell just to attack the pigeons that like to sit and mutter incessantly on the ledge outside my window. Yes, I'm that mean. They can go mutter and crap on some car still ballsy enough to be displaying "W" stickers. 34%... and to think I might live to see a number lower than Tricky Dick's legendary 24% in my lifetime after all.

More later...
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