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In Which Yo Catches Up With LJ at Long Last

As I sit here and write this little missive, it's been a mere 5 days since I walked away from that job at the Apple Store, Burlingame. It already feels more like a year.

I had debated with myself for a bit as to whether I wanted to dive right into the new job after taking a weekend, or if I wanted to "cleanse the palette", if you will, of the bitter taste of dealing with both the rigors of retail and the inept management thereof. Obviously, sanity made it's rare case, and I took the week.

The last week at Apple was as weird as I thought it was. I could feel myself starting to disengage as the number of days started to shrink, until I was counting the very hours. At one point last week, I managed to scrawl down (as in long hand on some handy envelope) what would have been a "hump day" posting that I never managed to transcribe for the entertainment of y'all -- I toss it here for completeness sake, and because scrawling it out longhand was an interesting exercise in how my typing has improved in the last few years. It literally took me a third of the time to type out the same material that I wrote as fast as possible long hand:

I've been thinking about the nature of imprisonment. That thing that traps us in one place when we would rather be anywhere else.

As I got through hump-day (my first actual mid work week on a wednesday in way too long), barely avoiding "eating a customer"* ("Goddamnit, you spoiled little bitch, I don't CARE if you and your dearest little Veruca think the replacement battery, sent to you from Apple, free of charge, is off by the barest half-sahdes and seems non-flush to about 1/10 of a micron**, we're not only NOT going to give you a new one, I'm going to refer y'all to CPS for imposing your psychotic influence on a minor..."***), realized that I was marking time, pretty much waiting for Friday at 5 PM.

When I would be free.

* A play on a phrase that lavendersage gave me, "Remember, don't eat the customers!"
** A micron is 1/10 a millimeter. A real world example - a human hair is about 3 microns wide.
*** No, I didn't actually say this. It's what I wanted to say, with passion and conviction. Only an overwhelming sense of professional responsibility kept me from doing so.

Then there's a short note that says, simply "if you could change my mind..." that I think refers to the idea of someone trying to get me to stay. Considering that they wouldn't even deign to give me an exit interview (bunnybutt thinks it's because they knew I would probably say something that they really didn't want on the record. I suspect she's right) this was strictly an arrogant little pissy fantasy of how thoroughly I would deconstruct any argument or counter offer they would make me.

One aspect of that mental play that holds true is how badly I was getting chewed up my that job. Just five days, and already I'm calmer, have shown an actual interest in things electronic again, and (while vaguely terrified of the unknown factors) starting to look FORWARD to next monday.

First, a lovely weekend with Roni, including a bonus visit from kshandra on Sunday after she dropped gridlore off for a business/training trip. We had a smashing breakfast at Ole's Waffle House, and decided to catch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" again in Dublin (we were shooting for iMax, but missed the show by 30 minutes).

Monday I got to spend some time with lunar_phoenix, did some chore catch-up. Yesterday I managed to do the laundry, set up for a photo shoot between gtpooh and penguin_goddess, and read a few more chapters of "The Half-Blood Prince", which I was still reading when Kim arrived at around 5. We started just as Roni got home to rehearse her piece for Big Burlesque. Apparently she might have a show the weekend after next (watch this space to find out when/where!). I do know that she has a show during the NAAFA, so if you'll be in the vicinity of San Mateo, CA and want to see a hot red-head belt out a song while wearing a hot outfit (she was wearing it last night... Gwen and Roni met for the first time whilst wearing lingerie. I have a weird life. Fun, but WEIRD).

Kim's shoot went really well, and finished up just as Gwen arrived. THAT shoot started out silly, but with some minor direction from Roni ("you guys are being boring!") we got things rolling. We wrapped up around 9ish, when everyone decided that KFC would be a mighty fine thing (with a cup of ice for Roni from the AM/PM, as we had consumed most of the home-made stuff during the shoot).

When the dust cleared I had well over 1200 shots. I figure about 200 of them are totally unusable (though I'm sure Sarah-Jayne would disagree with me... she's of the opinion that people aren't that fussy about their porn), and there are a few brief periods where it's "boring", but... wow. There are so many GREAT shots. In fact, here's one I plan on cross-posting to fat_art:

©2005 Yohannon - All Rights Reserved

©2005 Yohannon - All Rights Reserved

©2005 Yohannon - All Rights Reserved

Ok, now I have to bolt for the time being -- I have stuff I still need to do today. Like strike the "set" (which Roni says was a great setup. I'll have to remember that one. Fortunately, I have pics. Right.), finish folding that last basket of laundry, and give a poor, over-tired Kim a lift home from work.

By the time I get home I'm hoping one of the many people who made the Apple job tolerable, Nick, will have sent me the link to the Perl tutorials he told me about (I need to do some serious brush up on my admittedly rusty skill set before next week). He was up for the Genius job, but apparently the idiots that are in charge decided against "promoting" him. He was just actually DOING the job for y'all, is all. Gah.
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