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Well, the lunch with kshandra went great. I really like her, she's cute as hell... but when we kiss, we both agree something is...missing. I mean, it's warm and snuggly and nice. It's NOT like kissing a sibling (as she aptly put it).

If I'm annoyed about anything, it was this was the first time in AGES I had an opportunity to take something slowly...and it didn't work out. No, I take that back: It's not working out according to my annoying tendency of thinking too far ahead of the situation. As far as the fact that I really like her, hope we can be friends, and the fact that she wants to try modeling for me (does a little happy dance!) then it's working out fine. I *really* need to accept the gifts the universe hands me, and stop kvetching about everything else.

At the very least it makes me wonder all the more at all the times the "spark" IS there, sometimes almost instantly upon meeting someone.

Speaking of sparks, I managed to get a hold of Lisa of the triad on the drive home...as I drove past the airport on 280, I had a sudden flash of memory and called her. It turned out to be one of those "I was thinking about you today!" kind of psychic moments, compounded by the fact that she had literally just walked in the door. We commiserated about missing one another and such, and caught up (I think we hadn't had a chance to talk in almost a month). I told her about Ponte (Richard's planning on catching up with me tomorrow...I seem to recall ambar going through this as well when she hooked up with them) and about the new site...and found myself with yet ANOTHER model.

It was funny...she sounded tired (she had been planning on taking a nap) until I told her about the site, and then she got really excited. I practically had to order her to get some rest.

That night I realized I had literally more model contacts and planning than I could reasonably keep straight in my head, so I sat down and whipped up a quick relational DB using good ol' FileMaker Pro. Yeah, I know the purists out there will bitch that it's not a TRUE relational DB, but I didn't have time to deal with a development environment I'm not 100% comfy in. Since I've been using FM for 13 years now, I can put together stuff in my sleep. In no time I had tables and scripts set up for tracking models, storing proof of age photocopies, tracking related photo shoots, and even the skeleton of a system for creating and pricing CD's and portfolio's and tracking royalty and other COGS.

Today I completed a last design update of the new website before actually creating CD-ROM's. Since the site design is also going to be the browser interface used on the CD's, I wanted it to be as tight and clean as possible. One last glitch I wanted to clear up was the nasty tendency of Internet Exploder to screw things up by letting people make their text up to 300% larger than designed. It wasn't easy, but in the end managed to make the site at least usable at that size, though it does get a little rough here and there.

I'll get that update online Thursday. The new Announcements list is on-line, so hopefully the whole site will be ready to go "live" full-time by next week.

Egads, throw in a MASSIVE shoot I did Sunday night/Monday Morning (840 shots of Marsha...samples a part of the next update!) and I have to wonder how I found the time to eat or sleep.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with Gwen and Jenni about the shoots I need to do with them...I might be able to do some of it then. But since I'm going to need at least another 800+ pics to flesh out three sets, it's going to take another day's shooting to get them caught up.

Now I just need to find out if I'm doing lunch with Toria tomorrow or not.


Alright, now I know why I'm anxious. It seems (despite the almost exhausting description above) too easy. I *like* all of this way too much, and it's falling together nicely. It makes me wonder if the market is really there, in a way -- can I actually make this work?

I know, there are no guarantees -- I can only give it a shot. Make that my mantra!
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