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Signs From God Scrawled With Lightening?

Okay, one has to wonder. First, those idiots (there's no other word for it folks) manage to toast themselves at a boy scout jamboree. Then there's this little tale of woe.

So, what can we learn from these news stories?

  1. Parents should be pulling their boys from the Scouts before they look like franks cooked on one of those old "Hot Doggers" from the '70's, a lovely device that cooked the wieners by impaling each end on a raw 110v AC electrode.

  2. Scout Masters might want to seriously consider making rubber and PVC a permanent part of their uniforms.

  3. King George might want to avoid all scouting events, just in case he doesn't want to make it an even more target rich environment. Oh wait, he's already doing that.

Before I get the hate mail, no, I'm not happy that innocent (as far as we know) people died. However, I don't cut the scouts one bit of slack since they turned into the brown shirts of our time, spouting fundie propaganda that essentially makes them more of a religious organization.
Tags: bad_taste, instant_karma
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