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We All Scream for Ice Cream

So, a month or so ago Roni and I were deceived into thinking that the first Carvel in Northern California was open. We drove about an hour to the wilds of Brentwood (california, not New York, obviously!) only to find a Carvel sign and a partially finished store. This wasn't their fault it wasn't ready, as the entire SHOPPING center still shows up on Google Earth as a muddy field.

By some fluke Roni checked again this weekend, and saw that the site listing on Carvel's Web Site was updated. Not willing to believe anything at that point, she called them, and it was revealed that yea, verily, it was indeed open and would be so until 9 PM.

So, there was only one thing to do:


We knew there was a movie theater near there, thanks to the earlier trip when denial was on the menu (not THAT kind of denial... shit, this language sucks sometimes), so we caught "Sky High"* and wandered over to the store.

I had a chocolate soft-serve in a sugar cone. This was even better than the time I scored it in Arizona at the airport, because that's the way that I ate it in NY (the hugeness of the Waffle cones is a nice thing, but usually overkill in terms of quantity). Roni agreed it was good ice cream, so there was none of the "let-down" that such things can induce.

Turns out the place had opened last Wednesday... we had gotten their on their first weekend! There was a woman there eating her first Carvel in 20 years, originally from Jersey. Another hailed from Syosset, NY. The owner actually quizzed us to make sure it really tasted like it should -- and we were happy to let him know that yes, it was PERFECT.

I scored half a dozen Flying Saucers (Ice Cream sandwiches of the gods, for the uninitiated), pre-made and frozen solid. I knew I was taking a chance... one road incident and I would be scarfing them down in the front seat of the car.

45 minutes I was running up the stairs, and they neatly slid into the freezer, with only one on the end resting on Roni's knee looking a bit unhappy. In a few hours they should be solid enough to gnaw on with the joy that only things from one's childhood can induced.

42 going on 12. Hell, I've already made it clear that all future birthday cakes should be sourced from Carvel, something that could be easier if the owner's plans to open a store closer to the bay area come to fruition (they're thinking Walnut Creek! Woo!)

Now it's back to the studying up on Perl and Perforce before I start my first day tomorrow. Somehow, having finally made it to that store is going to make it just a little bit easier than it would have been tomorrow.

No idea why.

* Predictable, but fun movie. Kurt Russell's soul is owned by Disney, yet there was something vaguely comforting about catching him in a Mouse Ear Flick.
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