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Introducing Anita Martini!

Well, after much rehearsing and a long stretch of waiting, it's now time for Roni's alter ego, Anita Martini, to be born!

That's right, Big Burlesque is going to be giving several performances next weekend, notably:

Theatre Rhino 12th & 13th, and 19th & 20th

Big Burlesque is moving up to the Main Stage at the venerable Theatre Rhinoceros, 2926 16th St. in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Tickets are available in advance at www.therhino.org or by calling 415-861-5079. A sliding scale of $15--$25 dollars applies, work exchange is available.

Also, there will be a 11 PM show at the NAAFA convention, Friday, August 12. Yes, that means she'll be doing two shows in one night, in two different locations. How does she do it? It's a mystery!

So join myself and several other denizens of my friends list and come see just how red hot Roni really is!
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