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Living Long and Perspiring

First, the last two Rhino shows were FABULOUS, though once again I'm reminded of the wry humor I found in "Shakespeare in Love" whenever the poor, embattled theater owner would reply to questions about HOW it's possible that the rolling train wreck that is theater ever works with "It's a mystery...". The lights were a disaster -- the lighting room gives a great example of how NOT to do cable management, on top of all the usual mishaps the happen all the time "behind the scenes". I have apparently endeared myself to the staff by performing small miracles with the bits and pieces of mix and match tech that they have.

Friday night it was about 70% full, which was a big improvement over last week. The biggest issue we had to deal with was the surprise arrival of steelmagnoliaca, who compounded her bad taste by sitting front row center. Proving that Roni is first and foremost a performer, she never even blinked when she came out. During intermission her first response to me when I ran down to the green room was "Did you know?!", to which I replied "Fuck, no." I NEVER would have allowed her to walk into that blind if I had had a choice -- I didn't even see her there thanks to my administration of light board CPR in the sound booth, and I got to my seat just before showtime. Even then, it wasn't until penguin_goddess asked me "Isn't that Valerie?" that it was clear.

After the show Roni made it a point to talk to her -- as Roni put it, she wasn't going to let Val get off without having to deal with Roni face to face. Listening to her rant in the green room to the other girls in the troupe (who, btw, rallied around Roni in ways that made me happy I was able to help in whatever little ways I could), it's clear that Valerie is still in serious denial about the state of that non-relationship.

Aside from that, the show went well Friday, and I managed to get some great pics. I was frustrated with the problems with getting good shots under the less than bright stage lights, so I made it a point to hack the Canon's firmware when I got home with a file I found on the 'Net that would let me go from ISO 1600 to 3200. True, I knew I would prolly have to deal with post-processing the shots a lot to deal with graininess, but that's the trade-off for getting decent action shots under low light.

Ironically, the situation with the lighting got WORSE. The lighting box blew completely about 10 minutes before the end of the Friday night show, so they were working with manual dimmers and a third of the lights Saturday. Even so, the shots I got were GREAT. My only regret was not having another compact flash card... I could have gotten TONS of incredible shots toward the end of the night.

Oh, and it was a full house last night! Even better, the (in)famous Annie Sprinkle was in attendance, which made it a GREAT end of run.

I should also make a note that penguin_goddess did a great job as my sort of Roadie (she helped keep track of my lights, carried some stuff when I was a bit overloaded, and so forth).

Afterwards, Roni revealed to us something way too exciting for words: She was going to be a part of the Candy Cane shows in San Diego, LA and Phoenix next month, AND she's going to take part in a photo shoot with a photographer whose name should be fairly well known, especially to fellow geeks... some guy named Leonard Nimoy.

That's right: Roni, my girlfriend and partner in life and crime, is going to be photographed by "Spock", in the nude. Roni, that is... Nimoy will have his clothes on.

I admit it: My inner fan-boy is DROWNING in orgasmic pleasure. If I get the opportunity (I plan on driving down with Roni for at least the SD and LA shows), I want at least one photo of Roni, Mr. Nimoy and Myself as a moment that I would print and place on my cubicle wall, without comment.

As Roni put it, it's weird how life goes sometimes.

The pics from this weeks shows? Oh, no worries, I plan on getting those up in a bit.

Excuse me as I return to my fan-boy bibble-fest, already in progress.

Edit to Add: A BIG Thanks to gtpooh, brigideire and Mike for coming out for Friday's show... glad y'all had a good time!
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