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Wild Weeks and Wicked Ways

Well, let's see...another interesting week, MOSTLY good.

First, I want to seriously thank, profusely and often, Toria and dcatt for all their help last night in "debugging" the new version of the site. There were several stupid glitches due to stupid browsers that do things entirely wrong.

So the new site, with all the changes and additions (Samples of Marsha and a new piece of erotica I've been meaning to post for AGES), not to mention a LONG overdue spell-check:


Don't worry about spelling/grammatical issues for now...the text will change a bit anyways. The important things is the interface.

So, I managed to finish several shoots this week. gtpooh and Jenni, both together and apart, were finished Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday I also got in a test shoot of Kathleen, which went really well...she's agreed to do some modeling for me as well. Woohoo!

I had to get the car in for WAY over-due servicing yesterday as well. It was WAY more than I expected (minor panic). However, I think I can squeak it somehow, especially if I can get Richard to tell me what's going on with the Ponte gig.

This weekend I have a date with bunjee Saturday, and a photo-shoot with ambar Sunday. With the photo shoot of Roni today, I'll have at least 8 to 10 photo sets (man, over 3000 pictures?!), and 7 model releases. (head spins)

Well, Roni's reminding me about taking my meds (left in the car, D'oh!), so I'll save this and head out.
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