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How Are We for Time?

I know, yet another inexplicable gap in the blogging record. And this coming up on my fourth anniversary of running a journal online.

There's been the usual batch o' reasons, mostly related to this pesky "life" thing. Work has been brisk, but it's mostly been training, and the business is more than off-set by the fact that I have a regular schedule again. In just a month (wow, it's only been a MONTH!) I've already started catching up on about a half dozen projects, in large part because I've also been able to keep a regular tab on the chore thing. You know, dishes, trash, vacuuming, the bathroom (arguably it's very own special category of cleaning fun), and so forth.

Once I've caught up with the regular chores and minor projects, then there are the larger projects I've wanted to tackle since we've moved in. That includes building the last few pieces of furniture -- there are about 4 or 5 boxes that I decided to stash in a dark corner due to severe IKEA burn-out. I think, when the dust cleared, I had built (does quick inventory in his head) over a dozen pieces of furniture, not including the piece or two I built from scratch.

Ironically, that same burn-out made it less than possible to load up the furniture I DID manage to get built. People fortunate enough to actually see the interior of Chez Watt would be surprised to learn that many of the drawers and shelves are either empty, or poorly utilized. Recently I pondered why that was, and it struck me -- the joy of retail employment struck me down literally about the time Roni and I moved in.

This weekend past perlandria came to visit over Friday night, during which I subjected her to my Sweeny Todd DVD, as she had never seen the production. I merely alluded to the fact that there is a point wherein George Hearn essentially is a lock for the Emmy he eventually won for the role, and she was able to pinpoint the moment without any hints from me at all ("At LAST... my arm is COMPLETE AGAIN!!").

It's always a delight to watch people appreciate something as much as I do. It's well worth the occasional "eh... it was ok, I guess".

I had discovered the gap in her musical education while driving her back from Santa Clara. Roni, Kim and I had managed to score tickets to see "Wicked" at the Orpheum in SF last Wednesday, and I was mentioning my amusement when I realized I had recognized the set design style. There was this dynamic, almost morph-like effect that reminding me of "Todd" -- which is as it should have been, as the designer was the same Eugene Lee who won a Tony for his work on the Sondheim musical.

BTW, Wicked was a wonderfully subversive musical. Roni has read the book, and says that as snarky as the play was (there's a sense of several slams in the direction of the current regime of W), the book was at least an order of magnitude more so. Woo!

I would encourage people to catch the production, but there's little likelihood that you'd be able to get tickets -- as far as I know, the show's been sold out to end of run for weeks. In fact, the theater has been raking in the free money by selling lotteries to people for the CHANCE of getting a cancellation ticket. That's right, for 25 bucks you are offered the right to get a ticket via a cancellation.

The only reason *I* was able to score tickets was... well...

(hangs head in shame)

I allowed myself to be an advertising victim.

You remember those obnoxious "membership has its privileges" ads AMEX used to run? Well, when Roni first voiced a desire to see the show back in April, I encouraged (read: forced) her to go and see what the ticket availability was... which was pretty much nil. Then I remembered those damn commercials, and thought "wotthehell, archie" and pulled up the AMEX site...

And they DID have tickets set aside for members.

Worse, I had been accumulating those Rewards Points since before I started working for Garage.com, and had no plan to actually USE them... and they paid for all three tickets. Orchestra, 12th Row, center.

When I mentioned my shame, perlandria had asked me who I had to blow to get the tickets. I pointed out that would have been more of a point of PRIDE in comparison.

Now, I'm hoping to get it together tonight enough to get the shots from last weekends Rhino shows online somewhere, post some great new shots to fat_art, and a few other household and computer chores. Alert the media!
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