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Turning the Screws

Posted this as a response to a set of comments at this site discussing CNN's Cooper losing it with a vapid congress critter. Tip: When someone says "Now is not the time to be pointing fingers or assigning blame", that can be read as "I'm in deep shit if people look at this too closely":

I'm also definitely NOT a democrat. If I'm considered "liberal" at all, it's only a side effect of the libertarian idea that people have the right to live their lives free of ANY government interference, as long as they don't attempt to subvert another's rights. An idea that, at least on paper, sounds like one of the Republican's favorite tag lines, doesn't it?

But the republican's sold out to the religious "wrong" so long ago that they can't even hear themselves contradict their own ideals.

If I criticize a politician, it's not because they're a republican, democrat or whatever... it's because they're doing something I perceive to be stupid, or at least misguided. People who are on the attack of those who would question the president's decisions seem more interested in finding ways to connect the failures of policy on the critics -- after all, none of the things that HAVE gone wrong would have happened if we all just shut up and accepted his wise leadership.

Over 120 thousand people dead in Iraq? That's our fault, obviously. Not enough National Guard to deal with this catastrophe? Well, if we weren't hell bent on "sabotaging" the president with our concerns, they all would have been home by now.

Yet there's a fatal flaw in this approach: The government is currently republican, with a relatively docile opposition. Think the latest controversy around filibusters was a sign that the Dems had finally hit puberty? Folks, they were ALREADY approving over 97% of Bush's nominees... which gave the republican's the idea that they might actually be able to go for 100% in the first place.

Democrats, republicans... they're ALL to blame for this mess. But Bush is the guy in charge, regardless of how he got there, and it's his JOB to take responsibility for this.
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