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The Liberals Nuts Finally Drop

Saw this in another LJ, but since it was locked I think I shouldn't give them credit -- they should feel free to take it if they so choose:

Not Holding Back One Bit

I wish he had linked to the piece where he says Ann Coulter called New Yorker's cowards for not backing the war in Iraq. Excuse me, bitch? I mean, fucking EXCUSE ME?!

If New Yorker's don't back something, it's not an act of cowardice, it's because, right or wrong, we think it's a stupid idea. By the way, I didn't see your ash covered ass after September 11.

Now we have our leader, the man who holds the office that once held a sign saying "the buck stops here", the ultimate level of national responsibility, blaming state and city officials for what happened in NOLA.

What the FUCK?

Folks, here's the deal. After the towers went down, Bush went to great extremes to make this country "safer" through the office for fatherland homeland security, the big brother patriot act, and the war crimes against Iraq.

Pop Quiz: What IS the difference between a hurricane hitting NOLA and a terrorist attack?

Answer: You can see the hurricane coming.

I've had it with this dumb fuck claiming to speak for me. I've said it before, I'll say it again: He's NOT my president.
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