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Four More Years

It was EXACTLY 4 years ago as I write this that I posted my very first LJ entry. I had managed 2 before September 11, and then... well, I guess it became a habit*.

Wow... have things changed. Not W... he's still an idiot, and he's still allegedly the president.

I try to remember what it was like then, with Linda still alive, still living in Boulder Creek, bitching about bad 'Net access and dealing with the wild-life of the mountains over Santa Cruz, still thinking that I might actually get a job soon (it had ONLY been 5 months since I had been laid off).

760+ posts and half a million words later (yes, I counted. No, not MANUALLY. I'm not THAT crazed) and I'm still plugging at this mess.

Half a million. I understand that you could get a couple of books out of that word count. Hell, it makes me ponder the sheer quantity of writing that's going on right now. Who's to say how much of it is crap, how much is high art, and how much is merely... mediocre.

Yeah, been thinking about belting out those books I've been sitting on (hmmm... might want to re-word that a bit). After all, if I plugged at it only as much as I worked on this LJ, it would STILL be publish worthy inside of a year or so. If I just WROTE the damn thing, maybe about a year. Even if the first one is complete crap, I'll just shove it in a trunk somewhere for some lucky bastard to un-earth years after I finally run out of whatever good karma I've accrued and croak. It'll be a best seller, if only because it's a "lost masterpiece".

I should do a whole trilogy that way. Better yet, I could set it up so it continued whatever popular series I managed to come up with, but wasn't discovered until after some greedy ass publisher assholes hired some hack to do it, never knowing that the REAL continuation was waiting to blow up in their bullshit marketing faces. They may have released a dozen books, each more formulaic and homogenized than the last, when the new tomes are revealed to the world. Decades of "this is how Yohannon himself might have written it" shown to be the newadspeak for "we're raping his dead, decomposed body in front of his descendants, most of whom know full well he would NEVER have milked it this long" that it is. My dream is that they've marketed characters as upstanding role models that I reveal to be someone particularly vile.

Examples? I don't think so. The whole point is to sabotage whatever corporate fucks might have snagged the rights if one of my progeny screwed up and lost them. Or, worse, was doing it themselves. Of course, with my luck, either they'd make MORE money thanks to the shit-storm, or no one would care.

My money's on the latter.

Now that's a bet I wouldn't mind losing.

Anyway, since I somehow managed to snag a permanent account whilst suffering from extended sleep deprivation last June, I suppose I'll be around here for awhile yet. Probably ESPECIALLY while I start the process of getting something written down that people might actually want to read.

* Yes, that was a deliberate choice of User Pics. I mean, DUH...
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