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Would You Like Some Fries With That Flood?

I'm actually in class as I write this (don't worry, they're covering stuff about perforce software I've already grasped), so it will be gloriously briefed (at least for those of you think I'm too verbiose as a rule).

The spelling may also suck horribly.

I decided to BART into San Francisco for the class. The idea was that it would be cheaper and a LOT faster. As you can imagine, the reality was not quite as elegant, though I should note that it was not due to any sort of BART screwup -- unless you count the fact that the fruitvale station is now charging for parking, which delayed me for a minute or two as I ran to and from the car with the permit. It's STILL cheaper than parking in the city, and I can't complain too much: I snagged what looked like the last open spot in the lot.

I really like riding BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport, for the non California viewers). While I stood grasping the hand-rail, I spotted on of those "Train to Run a Marathon for AIDS research!" poster you see a lot of around here. What caught my eye was the benefit marathon you would begin training for in two days (Sept. 10) would be for the New Orleans Mardi Gras marathon. The "Bourbon St." street sign was the main "location" graphic, shot in such a way that I'm sure it would still appear the way it does in the photo... after all, the water level is probably low enough for at least the sign itself to be visible.

I was amused by gridlore's account of dealing with clueless door to door missionary action (the religious kind, you sicko's!) who actually said that Katrina was God's revenge on New Orleans for Mardi Gras. He (an avowed militant atheist... and yes, he IS married to kshandra, an avowed pagan. Strangely enough, we all get along) had to explain to the fools that Mardi Gras was a papal approved RELIGIOUS celebration.

What is it about pagans and atheists knowing more about christian cult basis and history then it's most devout adherents?

So, if ambar is still reading, I'm dying to hear if she had heard of the current imbecile running FEMA. He was apparently about as effective a head of an arabian horse group here in the states, and I know she has "l33t h0rz skillz". From what I've read, this guy shouldn't have been trusted with a graveyard shift at a Denny's, much less the front line of federal disaster response.

Ok, back to class.
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