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So, How was YOUR weekend?

Let's see...Saturday I hung out with Roni, tweaking photos. That night bunjee went to see "The Time Machine", which wasn't that bad at all.

Sunday I drove up to ambar's from Antioch over the "back" way, via route 4. It was a gorgeous day (albeit a tad dusty...supposedly a haze blown over from the Gobi desert). I shot some nice outdoor pics of her, and a few lovely shots of her and Julian, the horse. I even got a couple of "Lady Godiva" like shots that I didn't expect to get.

Instead of crashing there, we drove back to Boulder Creek. Ambar had pointed out that the only way to get to the bay area Monday morning was if we LEFT at 4:30 am...which would mean waking up at 3:30. We dropped her truck off at the Lathrop ACE station (they close and gate the Stockton station, and there's simply no where else to park in that area), and finally got to my place at (gah) 2 AM.

We managed to get up around 9:30, and Ambar treated me to breakfast at the Original Pancake House (yum!).

Before we left the house, I opened my mail...and my reseller permit has arrived! I am now a small business. 30 days to go...

Just got finished chatting with kshandra about setting up her shoot. Almost simultaneously I discovered that someone who wasn't going to model secretly wants to. I think I need to cut off the number of sets/models for the launch, if only to save my sanity.

Now, back to work...I really need to get a working product now that I can actually sell the damn things.
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