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Yes, I know: No posting on the 11th. Not even on the 12th, which is the 4th Anniversary of my 9/11 related post.

The reason is pretty simple -- there really isn't anything to say. 4 years after, and we're less safe then we were then. Hell, the recent debacle in Los Angeles wherein half the city was blacked out when a single point was compromised, albeit accidentally, makes one wonder where the other "soft bits" are, and how easy some jerk-off with an agenda could poke them until the giants fall.

Bush is in his bubble, surrounded by the yes-men and cronies who dare not question him. After he managed to squeak through the election last year and it came out he was going to "reward loyalty" by handing out cabinet posts and appointments like so many halloween candies, I knew that was a big mistake. It was the same problem that led to an increasingly paranoid and isolated Nixon to make some REALLY dumb-ass mistakes.

Besides, I was busy spending the weekend helping Kim to get organized and (finally!) start to make progress on the apartment. Then Roni came home from the Big Burlesque shows and the photo-shoot with Nimoy (including one shot with Nimoy doing a kick-line with the entire troupe -- that one will be framed and posted prominently when we score a copy), and I wasn't really in a writing mood, "he said, knowingly".

I still can't get over the fact that my Roni has been hugged by "Spock". Oh, and after all her fussing about money it turns out it was a PAYING modeling gig. It wasn't a lot, but it helped defray a LOT of the cost. It also gave her a good excuse NOT to head straight into work from the airport, thank goodness.

Oh, I did have fun last weekend, but in a case of "eating dessert first" it was when Gwen and Kim came over Friday night. Much loud fun was had by all, and I discovered I really liked the Sesame Chicken from "The Fortune Cookie" on alameda... Actually preferred it over the mongolian beef. What a nice change of pace!

Finally, I've begun actually SUPPORTING customers this week. If I haven't already said enough nice things about this company, the fact that they really do a great job training you up to the task before unleashing you, a little at a time, is yet another strong point. I'm starting to feel like I can actually DO this great job, as opposed to feeling screaming panic at the idea.

One last note: Still haven't been able to get in touch with E and co. in Baton Rouge. I'm even more greatful for the e-mail the week before last letting me know everyone was alright.
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