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A Day Of Almost Nothing

Not a thing. No pressure to do chores (because they're actually pretty much caught up). No pressure to BE somewhere.

What a nice day.

I'm sitting in our TV room at the moment, trying not to worry too much about E in Baton Rouge. I know that Rita isn't going to be much a problem there. After Katrina, She's had to deal with her husband going into surgery... twice... for heart issues.

After two weeks of trying I was FINALLY able to start getting through this past week (although it required more phone calls then to a radio station to get Green Day tickets). About two days ago we actually spoke. Her voice was so ragged and tired, I almost didn't recognize it -- but she sounded so happy to hear from me, it about made me cry.

It's frustrating as hell, not being able to be there to help in some way. The only palliative is the fact that she's surrounded by incredible friends who are supporting her, although I still wish there was something else I could do.

During all of this the 1st anniversary of meeting lunar_phoenix came and went (smiles at the thought), and I got through another full week at work well enough. Here's to NOT hitting the wall!


I just haven't been much in the mood to update the LJ of late... I suspect it's just some short term burnout, in large part due to things settling down a bit. I know, counter-intuitive: Yet there's that odd sense of relief combined with a sense of exhaustion from the effort of the transition over the last two months.

It's weird to be helping people expertly with a product I hadn't even heard of before last May. Maybe I am smart, at least that way. I still feel like a complete moron in the face of personal relationships, but I can learn an entire segment of an industry in just 6 weeks!

I have a silly thing to look forward to this weekend -- we found night tables. Real ones, as opposed to the plastic things we have been using. There's some sort of furniture liquidator over on 880 that was having a tent sale last weekend. We were stuck in traffic trying to get to a theater still showing "Four Brothers" (tasty movie junk food... by why do people INSIST on bringing children under the age of ten to violent, profanity laden movies?) when Roni spotted the signs.

So we went on a whim. penguin_goddess wound up furnishing her entire apartment for under 500 bucks, including getting a REAL bed, with a new mattress.

I think having real furniture and a place that people can sit and hang out in will do her a lot of good.

On a slightly related front, I think lavendarsage and willowstand are on another hiatus from yours truly again. I've given up on ever being able to parse what's been going on in that relationship, with both or one on one with either. I'm eternally frustrated with myself as to how I manage to screw things up with them, so all I can do is let go and accept the situation, even if I have no clue what's going on.

I recently ran into ambar and realized how much I missed her... yet another case for the clueless Yo. Oh and src was at the same event -- and no, I hadn't expected either to be there. Delighted and discomfited: That sounds like Yo's eternal state of mind, all overlaid with the usual confusion...

Hell, I'm going to listen to angsty indy pop and enjoy my day off. Some recharge will help.

Will it? Will I stand up? Or lose myself without a sound...

Do y'all want me to continue?
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