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At Least I Didn't Get Any in the Keyboard

After a nice long weekend of doing as little as possible, I find myself at work. On time and rested.

Of course, it's a slow day.

Sorry about the depressed sounding previous LJ entry... I was just feeling a bit off. Of course, the responses were (as always) appreciated, and a major lift -- especially the "surprise" comment from dragonwitchling. Well, doesn't it FIGURE your cell phone went straight to hell again, hon... I'm with lunarphoenix on that one -- get a better phone. Or maybe you should keep munchkins from drooling on your tech.

I may have been under the influence of some sort of bug. Yesterday, despite having already had a full nights sleep, I just couldn't stay awake. At one point I fell asleep with laptop at the ready (that is, my fingers in typing/tracking position) several times. After the third, waking up web-pages I had started to load 10 minutes earlier, I decided to give in to inevitable and took a 20 minute power nap.

Of course, in the words of Odd Todd "it ran kinda... Long." When I finally came too ("waking up" sounds too natural a description for the way I felt) it was nearly 8.


Saturday the biggest thing we had to worry about was the delivery of the few ultra cheap pieces of furniture we had scored while with Kim at that Furniture Liquidator. I was worried the night tables would be too low in relation to the bed, but have since discovered that they're at just the right height after all. Kim's delivery had arrived at her place before ours, so we had a head's up that they were on their way. Kim discovered that the sofa bed she had purchased still had the hotel linens, blanket and all -- Definitely a bonus, though we're encouraging her to wash them first. Hot water and bleach.

(insert lunch period and a... ah, problem)

Coming back to lunch I discovered I wasn't as far off on a support answer as I thought -- that was a good thing.

Feeling smug, I decided to tackle another call. While researching it, I sneezed. Looking down to make sure I hadn't left anything particularly gross in my hand, I discovered that I had sprung a ruby colored leak. Mind you, this would not have been a problem if I had tissues at my desk, but of course I didn't... so I had to jump up and somehow manage to make my way to the bathroom on the other side of the building without looking like I had been popped one by an irate customer.

Once there I managed to get everything stopped, cleaned up... and I discovered that I had managed to get a drop or two on the "Mep" tee-shirt Valerie had gotten me from (hmmm... synchronicity?) Odd Todd web site. I managed to get most of it out with some cold water, but I should re-treat it when I get home. I'm mostly peevish about it because it had JUST been washed yesterday by Roni, who had managed to take ALL the laundry down to the local Laundromat and back.

Well, at least I only have to make it through the next hour before heading home. Oh, and all I have to do is button up the hawaiian shirt to cover up the obviously discolored wet spot, which (at this point) could easily be mistaken for the remains of a salsa spill.


BTW, that really WAS the song playing on iTunes as I wrote this.
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