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Insomnia, Axes and Other HTML Grinding

Well, for some damn reason I could NOT sleep last night. The sun rose with me in one of those half dream states, where it was more a delirious impression then actual REM state stuff. I finally decided to dose myself with an Ambien in a desperate attempt to get SOME sleep.

Of course, it made my day rather cranky. I was working on the CD-ROM prototype, and was having endless issues even visualizing the directory tree, much less the code. Yes, I do all my work in a text editor, and yes, that makes me sound absurdly geeky. However, I should point out that it is more from a sense of necessity then a stalwart sense of adherence to some sort of web hack ethic.

Of course, the universe enjoys a sense of the absurd. While talking with E about topics that I WON'T repeat here, she asked me how the project was going. Aside from my eternal frustration that she can't model for me for the time being (she would LOVE to model, just can't for personal reasons) I mention that things are moving along nicely. Out of the blue, she asks me if I need a copy of DreamWeaver. I apparently make some inarticulate noises she mistakes for some form of disgust borne of aforesaid geek ethic. I reassure her that it is, in fact, a form of web designer orgasm.

So, after all these months of doing this stuff in my head and with BBEdit, I'll actually have a visual design tool. Whether it'll actually work for me is another story.

Thursday I was supposed to do a shoot to finish up the sets for gtpooh and Jenni, except their power was turned off and I had to play the voice of reason. Short form of the story: Pacific Gas and Electric are scum sucking idiots. The longer form I should leave up to gtpooh to go into, though I will point out that it is NOT as much her fault as she will make it out to be.

Anyhow, I have to run...Roni and I have to pick up Valerie at the airport for the weekend. Roni has just uttered the phrase "I am CLEAN, for Valerie's enjoyment...and yours too, of course" (she hath just emerged from yonder shower). Since she gets here in 35 minutes, I will post this now. Later!
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