January 27th, 2002

Yo Maniacal Tang

Off Line Journal Post #1 - God Help America

You may have noticed that I was apparently absent from LJ for a fairly long period of time (about two months). In fact, I DID try to access the site a few times, and even had created some off-line posts. Unfortunately, since (at least at the time) the off-line clients for OS X were less than adequate, I did them in a text editor. Every time I went to post them (or anything else) I encountered the usual server errors.

Of course, that was just an obvious excuse to avoid writing for a bit. Now, I have both an off-line client (I'm testing one now! knocking on my head) and a new will to write. This is the only one of the off-line pieces I can find at the moment, written November 30th, 2001, while I was sitting across from some nice men and women in cammies and carrying big guns.

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