February 14th, 2002

Yo Maniacal Tang

Michael Jackson Isn't Getting a DIME...

Happy birthday to ME... Happy birthday to ME... Happy BIRTH-day, dear Yohannon... Happy Birthday TOOOOOOO... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

Man, even the raccoons are complaining about that one.

So, I'm 39. I'm still waiting to feel all grown up, and thus far it hasn't happened. A woman who's a good 15 years younger than I am commented tonight how she never thought of me as old... just the opposite in a lot of ways, in fact. Fortunately, I caught the implied insult, and pouted about being called immature.

She's actually been a real Jiminey Cricket type when it came to my writing, so I told her about my LJ. I don't think I've bitched too much about her. The last time I would have had something substantial to say about her would have been in December, during the last hiatus. I doubt it was something she hadn't heard before from me. Mostly about how crazy she makes me, and how much I love and adore her. Yet another dark haired woman with a twinkle in her eye and some sort of natural ability to make me do back flips...as in "wrapped around her finger"...or anything else she would like me wrapped around.

Any way, I'm all psyched about the show I', going to Friday...I'm almost certain I know who it is, and the venue is minuscule...a place called Slim's in San Francisco, which holds about *500* people. Roni doesn't know yet, and I know she'll completely lose it when she realizes who we're going to see.

Rob apparently got word on some mailing list about the show...it was NOT advertised in any way. By word of mouth the show was sold out in minutes -- with Rob holding four tickets. A similar show in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst sold out in about 10 minutes.

Two girls, two guitars (well, at a time at least...maybe a banjo and a mandolin or two) and a club so small their sweat could hit the back wall. My kind of a concert!

Karin said she'd definately come to hang with Roni and me Saturday through Sunday at Pantheacon at the San Jose Double Tree this weekend. I can just see Joi fuming at me now. I think there are quite a few people showing up at my urging, and seeing them all chummy with me will make her nuts. I have no idea why -- I don't think about annoying her, and (in fact) don't even think about her until she's mentioned in conversation. I think it's simply that she decided who I was and how I act, and nothing makes her more insane than having people refuse to follow her scripts. After all, Michele was supposed to have left me years ago with Rob, and the three of them were going to run off together.

I think she's figured out that isn't going to happen.

The fun thing about bringing new people to an event like this is when they're approached and "warned" about me. Some of the stories are hilarious, especially when they get busted...like the time one woman was told that I was a player who just like to fuck fat girls, and would go after any new, plump "meat". An older friend of mine, over-hearing this (and noting that the speaker was also fat) asked "Has he tried to sleep with you?" Acting offended, the gossip firmly declared the negative. To which she was told "Then he's obviously more discriminating then you make him out to be."

She shoots, she scores.

Any way, so there will be drumming this weekend! (Does happy drumming dance). I don't get to drum often enough...it should be interesting to see who shows up to sway to the beat, and how long it'll take before I can close my hand again afterwards.
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Yo Maniacal Tang

The Weekend Cometh...

I seriously doubt I will get much done in the way of journaling this weekend -- it more of a "live it" than a "write it" sort of time.

I'm now going to finally get to actually sit down and have lunch with kshandra, after about a year of near misses and random meetings. I think it was last Pantheacon when I almost got whiplash walking past her in the dealers room, and then proceeded to bibble like a complete and utter dweeb. I don't know what I said, but at one point I found myself being leaned into by this lovely being, all sanity having left me, disgusted with my own semi-transparent lust. However, I tend to think this was due to the fact that the poor thing was incapacitated by cold meds, and not any particular charm or skill on my part.

I actually ran after her when she was leaving, woozy to the point that she was leaning against the people she came with to remain upright, shouting out my e-mail address. Smooth, Yo, really smooth.

Ran into her again at BayCon, and THIS time gave her my info, and she gave me hers...only for various reasons things didn't gel. It happens...

Then ambar got me hooked on LJ, I went wandering about exploring this strange, new land, doing some searching on some of my favorite search terms...and I noticed that one of the same LJ names kept coming up. Curious, I pulled up the LJ of...guess who.

Awhile ago, I came to a conclusion about meeting people: If you try too hard and it isn't supposed to happen, it doesn't. If you think you shouldn't try so hard and back off when you shouldn't, the universe keeps steering people back into your path. That happened to me and Roni, 6 years ago at that MacWorld when we met...despite my every conscious effort to avoid meeting. I'm really looking forward to this lunch, if only to figure out what the universe is trying to tell me.

Coincidence? Nah, don't believe in it.

Now, I just have to make sure I get down to the Hotel early enough. I don't think it'll be too much trouble, even with the concert the night before.

(knocks on wood)

Anyway, I have all the goofy gear I need for this 'con, all packed and in the car. The toy bag (a new on using one of the really nice giveaway back packs from garage.com, my former employer) is fully loaded for almost every contingency, and even my nice soft leather boots are polished. I managed to get to Good Vibes (all hail!) last week, so the ed latex and polyurethane (I know way too many latex sensitive people these days) safe sex supplies are stocked up. I think the only thing I haven't gotten were non-latex gloves.

The only thing I'm missing are batteries for the camera. I even picked up some Coke and 7-Up for the room (Sorry, but a buck a can? I don't think so!), and we can pick up munchies when we get down there.

It's funny, but everyone's been asking what I did today for my b-day...and then expressing their condolences when I say I had a nice, quiet day. I try to point out that this weekend is going to be the celebration as far as I'm concerned...I think a few people understood.

To tell the truth, the birthday is not so much a big deal as it is for some people. I appreciate the sentiments and such, but I think I like to try and celebrate all year long. I'm alive, people really care about me, and I have a really interesting life.

That doesn't suck.

Let's see if I can get this posted before midnight.
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