February 23rd, 2002

Yo Maniacal Tang

Slow Happy Day

Today was really quiet, though I did have a surprise or two. I managed to finish the article I was working on for MacDesign (finally), and responded to a letter I received from the lovely Teri up in Seatlle. Jamice caught me online, and somehow we wound up making a date for a couple of hours in a hot tub.

As I was leaving my cell phone chirped to let me know a voicemail had come in (it does this thing where I won't get the call, but WILL get notice that a VM's left). It was Teri, wondering if I had got her email and eager to talk with me. I tried calling her back, but wound up in HER voicemail (sighs..."Tag, you're it!").

Now I'm chatting with people about my obnoxious email problems. It seems that Cruzio, my ISP, set up email accounts Unix style...which means the damn address is case sensitive. Yohannon@rotunda.com bounces...yohannon@rotunda.com works fine.

I'm meeting Toria for lunch tomorrow, so I'm going to make it an early night.
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