February 25th, 2002

Yo Maniacal Tang

Weekend Work...

Well, I whipped up that proposal for Ponte Saturday and sent it off, and went to Linda's place to give her the b-day present I had promised...essentially, the use of my bod for 24 hours. No, not sex (though we had some fun much later that night), but cleaning her entire house. She's been complaining that things had gotten out of hand because she couldn't do a lot of lifting and moving because of her back.

It actually wasn't that bad, in spite of her self-denigrating comments about being such a slob. In fact, I've seen a LOT worse. It was pretty much like she said...stuff had been set up r placed around in ways that made it a lot harder to keep up. Also, it turned out that her vacuum cleaner needed a new belt, and some fool (not Linda) had removed the bag *without replacing it*. The poor girl had been trying to keep up with the vacuuming, only to be thwarted every time.

So we got the place in great shape, including her closets (I don't like deferring closets...they tend to become as black holes if you do), had a lovely little b-day celebration with this nice lemon cake and Creme-de-leche ice cream, had some (ok, a lot of) fun, and slept.

The next day I helped put some finishing touches on stuff when I get a call from wickedladybear, who wanted to know if I still wanted to see her in Sac later that day. Since it had been ages, I readily agreed.

Ironically I wound up helping her clean her room (it must have been the weekend for it!) from top to bottom. I spent the night, spoke of things that won't be repeated here (winks at the Bear! ) and finally started to make my way home Monday.

Now, I have an article for MacDesign to turn out by tonight, plus some other chores (online and off) that I really need to get to. First, I desperately need to soak and shower before Michele and Rob get home, as I'm sure I've exposed myself to SOMETHING scented that will set them off.

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