July 28th, 2002

Yo Maniacal Tang

Ego Boost -- Stimulant Banned by the Olympics

Well, a couple of people I didn't know actually IM'd me tonight to tell me how much they liked the web site. Also, that they read my journal regularly.

What is it about unexpected, unsolicited praise that gives me such a boost? I mean, I was feeling a bit odd, especially after one of my models ex-boyfriends tried to convince a web site owner that the pics were being sold illegally.

Fortunately the model in question managed to straighten him out before I had to think about how to explain the notion of "slander" to the poor fool.

Then, to distract me even more from trying to get some stuff done, E and F signed on. Phone calls, big beautiful women with great minds, and a constantly running set of scripts processing my latest pictures, and I'm sure that at SOME point I'll be able to focus enough to get it finished. Really.
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Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

Did you ever stop to think, that with all the technological marvels that surround us, that there is much that NEVER changes? Auto transportation has been pretty much the same for over 60 years. Jets have stagnated into these relatively sluggish greyhound busses of the sky. Audio speakers are still pretty much the same for nearly 80 years.

Then you start to see the shift into the future: Personal flying cars, Hypersonic jets, and now...what is essentially an Audio Laser that can project sounds into your head (note the obvious mistake in the illustration: These speakers would have to be ceiling mounted to avoid disruption from objects and people walking in front of them. But I digress...).

However cool this is, I'm not posting so much because of that, but because of Roni's rather intriguing response to the technology when I told her about it. "You know...this could be handy in a BDSM context. You restrain someone, blindfold them...and then can put them into almost any sound environment".

That's twice in as many days she's surprised me like that. I'm starting to wonder if something is rubbing off on her.
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