October 11th, 2002

Manic Man

Script Kiddie Retards

Actually, that's insulting to the retarded.

One of my mailing lists was attacked by some nimrod who had little sense of subtlety and even less skill. Over 200 messages, all with the same message (slanderous, to say the least) signed with my usual sig (~Yohannon~)

It's settled down a bit now. I'm more annoyed at the problems this caused for people on the list. As for myself the whole thing backfired: People were great about it.

Fool. You think a bullshit stunt like this would slow me down? I have survived the usenet flamewars of the 80's...you can not touch me. Bwhahaha!

On a totally different note, roni recalled something kshandra said last week as we got Icy Goodness for her after lunch. There was a copy of a magazine at the front counter, at which she exclaimed "Oh...that is SO nonconsensual".

It was Keith Richards...naked from the waist up.

I hope y'all sleep well.
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