December 21st, 2002

Manic Man

Well, A Weird... Oh Never Mind

I woke up thursday completely and utterly free of depression.

This is notable in that TODAY is solstice, so how can this be? I've never freed myself from that raging holiday ennui before the first week of January before.

I saw Linda Underhill last night, rescuing her from the Cow Palace, where the Dickens Fair has been co-opted for an evening's revelry for one of the valley's more fortunate companies. Not a bad idea, renting half the Fair for something like that. Just the clean bits, of course: I can't imagine that Mad Sal's music hall would go over well with all those kids present.

I told her how I was feeling, and mentioned a few other salient facts, and she pointed out (quite correctly) that there had been at least two major releases on Wednesday: The first was the dinner with Audra (lavendersage), Eileen and Michele, where they all re-connected. It was sweet how quickly the re-established a connection. Before the evening was out they had decided to do a craft day next weekend.

The second was Michele's revelation that her orientation has shifted firmly into the realm of "girls only". Roni was the only one who immediately got why I was more relieved than anything: It means it isn't ME she isn't sexually interested in, it's boys in general.

I know, there are a lot of people who don't understand my reactions to things at times. However, it should be noted that I knew Michele was a dyke from the very beginning, and that men were aberrations, NOT the rule. And it in NO WAY diminishes her feelings for me. She loves me, period.

We did have a rough patch that night (as the power FINALLY came back on in the house since the previous Saturday morning) when I got pissy about some slight. I suspect tempers were a bit frayed because of the sheer amount of spoiled food we had to contend with from the freezer and fridge. Then there was the unfortunate timing the resulted in the trash compactor being in mid-cycle just as the power died...but, I digress.

Strange as it seems, I think it all resulted in feeling like a huge weight lifted. Even the storms of Thursday did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm.

Even better, just before I left for the city, I got a message from someone still interested in a big content sale.

Happy Solstice, indeed!

Well, I should run: Roni and I plan to go to kshandra's impromptu Solstice get-together. I'm going to be interested to see how K's husband and Roni do the 49'er fan thing.
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Journal Goddess

Philosophical Question

Well, talk about odd synchronicity.

I recently mentioned my experience in second grade regarding Mrs. Rollner's decision to play grinch bitch. Well check out this story about a kindergarten sub (thanks to Roni for telling me about it).

Now, the debate has multiple levels. The principal of the school thinks that, technically, the teacher in question did nothing wrong as "she told the truth". Roni's take was that she didn't have the right, that it was the parent's job to reveal those sorts of things. Playing devil's advocate, I pondered if people didn't give up a lot of that "right" by allowing the state to teach their children (I'm a BIG separation of school and state advocate).

A useful side-effect of this talk was my realization that the issue wasn't that the teacher was dispensing a "fact", it's that the nature of Santa Claus is one of faith, and, as such, she did NOT have a right to make the announcement she did.

Ah, the collision between science and belief... and the endless fun we can all have trying to figure out what the difference is.
Yo Maniacal Tang

Back From The Party...

Ok, that was a lot of fun. kshandra's Low Stress Solstice party, that is. D brought my absolute FAVORITE scotch (Balvinne, for those of you who want to know such things) and we introduced two of those present to Alice's Resturant (somehow they had managed to avoid EVER hearing this cultural icon!).

A highlight was the idea of filking the name of Suruman's Orcs from Lord of the Rings to the tune of South Pacific's "Bali Hai" ("Urak Hai, We main you..."). Also, there was a rainbow for our amusement at the end of the last series of storms.

Ok, just a second...Roni wants to open Solstice pressies now...