January 7th, 2003


Yo Gets Ackilturated

Well, I finally got my most anticipated Solstice present:

My first impressions:

- Going "commando" in a canvas based kilt is NOT a good idea. However, I have purely to amuse people like lavendersage and lovingstones, just to name two.

- Boulder Creek ROCKS. My first foray into town went completely un-noticed. Well, the Santa Cruz mountains DO have a large scottish contingent (A nearby town is Ben Lomond. There's even a Bonny Doon.) As I climbed out of the bug in front of the Pharmacy, a guy was using the pay phone, dressed like he just walked off of the musical "Chicago" (complete with black fedora.)

- Sacramento people are not as conservative and uptight as I thought. I swear, when I went out with Chris to get some lunch and to find a cable to hook her DVD up to her stereo, people were NICER to me. Guy's even started talking sports, right out of the blue. One black dude in the Albertsons' parking lot asked me if it was a kilt, and looked VERY thoughtful when In told his it was, a Utilikilt. Goddess bless Samuel L Jackson!

(BTW, Chris made a KILLER dinner that night. Yummy!)

Ok, back to work...I'm spending today filling out more applications and job hunting a bit more. It's the best I can do since I'm feeling just a tad funky...Michele complained about it too this morning. Probably just a minor cold, or allergies.
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