January 30th, 2003


You Did WHAT Monday?

I'll get to that. I promise. Though I suspect some of you would rather I didn't. I'll warn you before I get gross this time.

Sunday was a bit odd, being the Super Bowl and all. Even though I'm not the fanatic some are (coughRonicough) I was shocked at how badly the Raiders choked. I actually didn't feel like I missed much skipping the second half (blasphemy, I know!) and heading up to lavendersage's place in Hayward. Something I hadn't considered was that there would be a small but seriously deranged contingent of people racing from one bowl party to another, straddling lanes at 100 or better.

Had a wonderful evening with A and lovingstones, literally magickal. Monday came way too soon, especially since the odd phone call with Ambar had landed me into the less than savory position of helping her clean her cattery.

Ambar couldn't have picked a better person: I simply neglected to take my Adderal that morning, and really got myself worked up into "white tornado" mode. The result was a sort of straight forward hyper-focused anal retentive neat freak from hell ("Screw this... time to SLUICE!"} who stood half a chance against what was essentially a VERY intimidating job.

It pretty much came out to about 4 hours of work. The original plan was to head back to BC for a soak, but she, and (to be honest) I were both pretty trashed.

But I would have eaten dinner off of that floor by that point. I could've bet money that it was more germ free than any of your clean dishes are right now.

Okay... I'm too tired to finish this tonight. Later!
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Yo Maniacal Tang

Another Fast And Dirty One...

Here's the deal... I'm stopping at lavandersage's place tonight, as Roni is at Cache Creek, probably tormenting the no longer jail baited Shane (LONG story... remind me to tell you later) on his 18th birthday, and won't be back until around 1 AM. Audra gets home around 5:30, so I literally only have about 30 minutes to blast this one out.

So, after crashing with ambar monday night (well, not before she rubbed my back and played with me a bit... I sometimes forget that we have that whole chemistry thing going on. I missed her a lot), I helped finish some last details in the cattery, and finally got on my way just before noon on Tuesday. On my way through Tracy, I got hit with this premonition and called Linda T. Sure enough, she was having issues all over the place -- her Dr. had put her on zoloft the week before and it was making her a bit wonky. Add in that the jerk in Stockton has been telling her all sorts of crazy shit about me (with or without Marsha)she was not in the best of spaces.

We had a bit of a minor argument before I remember to shut up and wait until she got to what was really bothering her (he can be taught). I wound up sitting and holding her for a couple of hours, until things had stabilized a bit. Then it was a mad dash for Santa Cruz, where Kim was supposed to meet me for a hot tub at Well Within.

I called ahead to let her know I would be darn near on time, but might miss it by a few minutes. Sure enough, I actually got to WW at 3:05 (only 5 minutes late! woohoo!). Only... it wasn't Well Within anymore. Sometime in the last few years Well Within as I knew it was bought and turned into something called The Tea Room (synchronicity moment of the day: When I walked in, they asked if I was John. Turned out it was ANOTHER John who was late for a 3 PM). Well Within was less than a block away, at a new, larger location.

Gotta love Santa Cruz -- TWO hot tub places within a block of each other!

The original plan was to go to Watsonville to spend time with Kim, but by THIS point I was seriuosly toasted. As in I had to crawl off someplace and hide for awhile. Kim, bless her, was way too understanding: She's been going through a lot of stuff with work herself, and I'm only sorry I couldn't push myself one more day.

As it turns out I really DID need some time not thinking. I wandered about town for a bit (over to Atlantis, Bookshop Santa Cruz, and to Pizza My Heart for a light supper). I got back tot he car by 5:30, when Michele called. Ironically, she wanted pizza, so I went BACK and ordered a medium pizza to go.

Tuesday I spent playing with a box of electronics that Ambar had given me to either e-bay or use, including an old iBook that she no longer had use for. People find this odd, but I actually ENJOY stripping stuff like that down to it's component parts, rebuilding it to a working machine.

Wednesday I *finally* got my state sales taxes mailed in (a whopping 8 bucks), my back adjusted by Dr. Jeff, an order shipped to Norway (isn't that VEIRD?), and went to pick up Michele. On the way over the hill I had a bit of an odd thing happen: On the last turn out on 9 just before 35 was a car sitting on its side. It was so bizarre I almost drove right by it before my brain absorbed what I was looking at.

I pulled back into the turn out and got out of my car. BTW, I bitch a lot about the drivers on 9, so let credit be given where it's due -- within 60 seconds of getting out of the car, there were no fewer than 4 cars pulled off, and people jumping out to see if they could help. I found a note on the underside of the car (surreal!) that indicated that the owner had gone to find a tow.

Creepy synchronicity redux: The car was a 1999 tech blue beetle. Just like mine.

We then went to Audra and lovingstones to go through some clothes that they were trying to cull from their limited living space. Michele, Eileen and myself had philly cheese steaks (M is NUTS for them, but they're nowhere near that side of the bay) while we waited for Audra to return from some last minute work emergency.

Today I finally got the car in for servicing (turns out she DIDN'T need new breaks, so it was over 200 bucks LESS than what I expected to shell out), and got my new phone and phone plan. In sharp contrast to the wide brained one I encountered last time, I got this lovely woman named Evelyn who had a clue and a half. When the stupid screens insisted I had only gotten a one year plan (which made NO sense) she made a decision on the spot to honor the two year thing. Now all I have to do is ship one of my old phones in for the 100 buck rebate, and my out of pocket comes to about 50 bucks. Since I now have 400 bucks worth of goodies, I think I did fairly well. Oh, and a FAR better plan.

Which brings us to now... and 5:28 PM. Perfect!