February 25th, 2003

Yo Maniacal Tang

We Interupt This Live Journal Entry For An Important Annoucement...

So, it's been doing what it usually does here in Boulder Creek, CA, which is pour. You know, water from the sky in buckets, that old story. Today I was lying downstairs when the sun broke through the clouds, and a sudden noise caught my attention.

It was birds. Singing. Beams of light through the trees, striking the mist in that classic pattern, splaying out, and the birds are all joining in some sort of chorus, as if that were their cosmic cue.

Sometimes, life is that pretty.
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Manic Man

What's In A Name?

I use Cruzio for my internet dial-up and hosting needs currently. They've been really great... and have recently implemented server level spam filtering, which is making me SO damn happy. You see, I've had my e-mail address since I set up The Rotunda BBS as an internet domain WAY back around '92. That's 11 years of having it float around the 'Net in various incarnations.

Now, that BBS has been off-line since '94, when I realized the 'Net was really going mainstream. Yet I still receive e-mails to users on that system from spam artists (though most of those I routinely rejected as bogus even before the server filters went up). On average, my spam to legitimate e-mail is about 10 to 1, and THAT'S only due to my membership in so many mailing lists and announcement lists. If it weren't for that, my ratio would probably be closer to 30-40 pieces of spam to every "real" e-mail.

Now, this isn't too bad when I'm at Roni's, enjoying the wonders of DSL (whoosh!): At those speeds even the 200-300 pieces of mail a day are quickly brought down to my local machine. But out here in the boondocks that much mail takes FOREVER to DL via 28.8. Mail.app on OS X does a good job of catching most of the obvious crap, but I still have to deal with it AFTER it's DL'd.

It's that deluge of mail of all sorts that makes it hard to keep up with responding to the mail I WANT to see. It's gotten so I can't even stand to see that stupid fucking Pasta Pot advertised on TV. Don't even get me started with miniature remote control cars or increasing the size of my penis.

Since fully a third of the spam I get isn't even in english, their special "non-roman character set" filter is a wondrous thing.
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