March 6th, 2003


Meanwhile, On The Left Coast...

So, it's funny that I ran into this link on browngirl's LJ. Why? Because it's a link to a SF paper (where I'm writing this right now, of course!), and she's, like, in Massachusetts. Figures.

In which Mark Moford makes a Good point

On a more personal, had a LONG talk with mom today. She's in Long Island, where the recent weather was so bad Skip had to go pick her up from work. The reason? Her doors had frozen shut. Her toes were defrosting, and I got an earful when I noted that the current temperature was 72 degrees.

I asked her if she heard about the incident near Albany, re: that lawyer getting dragged to jail over the tee-shirt he had bought there. Apparently there has been TONS of local coverage, including an interview on the evening news. The general consensus is that it's pretty idiotic. I got a tidbit I hadn't yet heard: Apparently the reason the man was approached by security is that someone complained to them about it.

Good goddess, what god damned country do people like that think they live in?

Ended with an interesting conversation as to whether the president has the right to declare war, or whether it's reserved solely for congress to decide. I was certain that it was purely a legislative function, but after reading the constitution again I wasn't so sure. While Section 8, Clause 11 specifies the right for congress to declare war, nothing in the document specifically PROHIBITS another branch from doing so as well. While re-reading, I had the fascinating thought of a situation where congress declared war, but the Commander in Chief refused to act on it. I sent a note off to Mom with all the relevant info, noting that we were, in a way, both correct.

Had lunch with Toria today, which was a nice change of pace. I haven't seen her in way too long, and forget how nice it is to be able to have a conversation without a lot of drama. Well, maybe a LITTLE drama. But nothing I can't handle. She made an interesting suggestion for stop gap employment: Becoming a dispatcher. Strangely enough, it appealed to me. It starts at around 15 bucks an hour, which isn't a lot... but certainly better than my hourly average of late.

Also, got a chance to talk to my friend Terry. He's actually been getting interviews over the last couple of weeks! Hell, he actually got an unsolicited call from a RECRUITER. I'm hoping this bodes well for the job market in general, if Bush doesn't screw it all up.

Speaking of which, I caught some of the conference tonight. Is that man drugged? He seemed to be half asleep, especially during the Q&A session. Worse, he actually tried to say, with a straight face, that Saddam funded the Al Quaida... even though that's patently false. He also tried to equate the anti-war movement with the anti-trade crowd. Never mind the protests are ten times larger, and cover a broad cross-section of the population...

I recall something from my college days: That a good rule of thumb is that there are ten people supporting a cause for every marcher. Using that yardstick would mean that that the only way Bush will get re-elected would be if someone tried (and failed) to assassinate him. As Toria pointed out, NOTHING boosts a president's approval ratings like some crackpot taking a shot at him.

So, a shout out to all you sick fucks: DON'T try it. First off, we'd wind up with CHENEY if you succeeded, or four more years of Bush ruining what little prestige or respect this country gets if you simply suck at shooting straight. You know, interesting thing: As far as I remember all american assassinations involving shooting were only successful at either point blank range or were suspicious (Oswald comes to mind) in their accuracy. If we remove Kennedy from the picture, you have shot in the back of the head (Lincoln) shot in the back (McKinley), "Squeaky" Fromme's bizarre attempt on Ford, that one freak's weird Nixon miss, Reagan (it was only dumb LUCK he was even hit by a ricochet... the fool would have missed him otherwise). I suspect that amateur assassins are congenitally incapable of shooting straight. Explains the approach to shooting the Archduke Fernidad (ack, my spelling sucks... you know, the one that started WWI?) with *6* people in various positions. At least, that's how I remember it, and I'm feeling too lazy to go look it up.

Okay, Roni should be calling soon. I seriously have been missing her... steelmagnoliaca recently pointed out to me that I get cranky when I haven't seen her in more than a week. Later!
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