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Yohannon's Journal

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
1:41a - Return of the Feeder Fuckwad of Doucheland
hermorrine's (and others) trials and tribulations with Mr. Hankey of german feeder infamy are ongoing, it would seem. After being kicked off of yahoo/geocities (twice... he tried to simply move to another account their) he decided to start up a server using a .de domain. He still doesn't understand why so many people are upset with him linking to their sites against their wishes. I know Morri is seriously considering legal action, though the whole international nature of this makes me doubt that will go very far.

So, I'm going to make a suggestion that involves some seriously bad karma, but this geek-wannabee* is begging for some serious damage. I think people should click on this link, and click reload as many times as they can. That's about 50kb each time you do it. If we get about, oh, 20 people or so doing it each time, that's 1 meg.

Now, the confused non-techie may be wondering what the point is. You see, this boy has to pay for his bandwidth, one way or another. Knowing how the telecom situation is in Germany (read: it sucks) he has only a few options. Either he:

a) is paying for the bandwidth pipe himself (unlikely)
b) is having it hosted on some service that sells space on their servers
c) is sneaking it onto his employer's servers

Well, if he's using option (a), it would take a lot to clog his pipes. It's possible, but unlikely. If it's (b), he probably has usage limits. Now, this can be pretty darn high, but I'm guessing that for a .de it can't be that high. Of course, it MIGHT be (c), but if he's misusing company equipment, he's even more screwed.

Well, the other thing is we could track down his ISP and see if he's violating THEIR Terms o' Service. I tracked his IP number ( and his registrar (http://www.denic.de/doc/DENIC/agb.en.html), and all the fun info about who he uses for his various geeky services:

All The Sordid Personal DetailsCollapse )

I had to stop digging only because this damn dial-up takes too long to do even simple lookups.

Keep poking at this fuck, and he'll bleed.

* Real geeks show respect for people. This twit has no respect for anyone, not even for himself. Since, I'm sorry to say, I have some german in my background, I hesitate to say this, but this guy acts like SUCH the stereotypical pissant german.

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4:03p - Putting Up Rather Than Shutting Up
Well, I did some work, and came up with a solution to the feeder asshole. Since the main issue is with people linking on this goofball's links, I worked up the following code:

<script language="JavaScript">	
<!-- Hide JavaScript
	var theRef=document.referrer;
	if (theRef.indexOf("meineziele") > 0)
	// End hiding of script -->

Slapping this on the page that he links to will detect that it came from him and automatically redirect the viewer to my piece about feeders. Feel free to change the "foo" part of location.replace("foo") (currently set to my anti-feeder piece). It only works with the one location, but I can modify it to check a referrer against a list of banned sites.

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6:12p - Not Leaving Well Enough...
Alrighty... here's the version that let's you ban a set of sites:

<script language="JavaScript">
<!--Hide JavaScript
var theBanned = new isnArray("dimensionsmagazine", "meineziele");
var theRedirect = "http://www.rotunda.com/people/yohannon/no_feeders.html"
// Build an array initializer
function isnArray() {
	for (var i=0;i<argnr;i++) {
	this[i+1] = isnArray.arguments[i];
	var theRef=document.referrer;
	for (var x=0;x<argnr;x++) {
			if (theRef.indexOf(theBanned[x]) > 0)
	// End hiding of script -->

Update: Okay, I've gotten a couple of off-line comments complaining about the LACK of comments in this code. It's really simple, I swear.

The nice thing aboutn this code is that you only have to tweak two lines. The first line is a list of keywords to search for to do the re-direct. To change or add sites, you just create a comma delimited list, thusly:


The nice thing about that approach is that you can add as many sites/keywords as you want.

The second line is simply an URL you'd like to send this badboy to. The way I do it is cool, as the person redirected can NOT simply hit the back button in the browser to avoid dealing. In fact, the only way they can get to the site at all is if they snag the URL and paste it manually.

current mood: geeky

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