July 4th, 2003

Manic Man

Warning: Contains One Geek

Well, Roni and steelmagnoliaca are crashed on a comfy king size bed, snuffling sweetly in their sleep. We're on the 13th (and yes, it's 13!) floor of a Hyatt in SF's financial district, with a fairly decent view of the bay. Whether this will allow us a decent view of the fireworks tomorrow later today remains to be seen. No pun intended, of course.

I couldn't sleep, so I set up the computer in the dark. You know those maniac SEAL's who can assemble complicated weaponary entirely by feel? I can do the with computers. The hotel has high speed access for 10 bucks per 24 hours, but I decided to see if I could get this Verizon cell phone hack working. I got the cable from Radio Shack (20 bucks... only 25% of the cost of the motorola branded cable) but hadn't really tried beating it into shape before now. Fortunately I had everything I needed already on the portable, including arcane incantations designed to send the phone into "program mode" (needed because I had to set the default data rate).

You see, with this USB cable and the T720, I get "free" net access... "free" defined as it doesn't cost extra, only that it uses minutes on the plan. Since I have unlimited nights and weekends, I'm cool until 7 AM. Now, this isn't their vastly over-priced 144 service... it's a measly 14.4. However, having had to cope with my horrific dial up rate of 28.8 at home, I can live with it.

My only prblem: Like a complete twit I left the AC adapter for the phone at home, so I have no idea how long I can stay unline. So far the battery is insisting it's still doing well, so who knows.

ANY way, it's good enough to do some non-intensive things... like update my LJ.

This is almost as much fun as my "War Driven" entry last year. At least it's a substantially more legit.
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So, How Was Your Day, Yo?

I did really well on Wednesday, after the nasty argument me and Michele had. In my defense, M apparently was arguing in her sleep. To my detriment it is something that has happened before. Fortuantely, I called a time-out,which required an insane amount of effort on my part. If I could fix one thing about me, it would be my ability to turn on a dime... if the dime was the size of a small carribean island.

Ironically we never got to the time-out... Michele woke up enough to realize what was going on, and after I bawled a bit, things got back on track. I even managed a Cost-co run, got the kitchen and bathroom cleaned, got the trash out and to the curb, and made sure everything was packed for tomorrow. During all of this Michele's iMac barfed, so interspersed with all of this was a vast back-up, wipe and re-install of software, and then a restore of all that data and preferences. It was something that has needed to be done for ay too long, but it took most of the evening to do. As a result I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 am.

At least, I TRIED to sleep. I wound up giving up on sleeping for awhile at around 4:45. I went downstairs and fiddled about online for awhile, called E to chat with her a few minutes before she got started on her day, and finally tried to sleep again around 6.

I woke again around 10:30, feeling like... well, like someone who hadn't gotten enough sleep. I was afraid of trying to squeeze more in, as I had to pick up steelmagnoliaca from San Jose International at 12:30ish.

Got to the airport in plenty of time, with one minor problem: I hadn't realized how much they've changed all the roads leading in from 880. I was seriously confused for a minute or two, but it all worked out.

Picked up Val, stopped off at Fry's and got lunch, hit a drug store from some tiems she forgot/needed, and stopped at my ADD Dr. for my quarterly check up. Not that he was worried about me, but the assholes at the DEA seemed to think they know what's best. While I was there I had a Geek God moment: The credit card processor was giving hiws wife, Winnie, fits (she works as reception for him... a Mom and Pop clinic!), and she was already in a tizzy because she had to run home to prevent a pot from buring the house done (she forgot to turn off the water under some potatoes she was boiling. I'm guessing potato salad), so I walked behind the counter and fixed it for her. It had been giving her grief all morning, and I had fixed it in about 30 seconds. It gave me that happy glow.

Val and I hit the city, picked up Roni, and checked into the hotel. One of the reasons Val is up here is to meet with one of her friends from Atlanta, Andy. I met him when I flew out to Georgia with her last year... as Roni says, Val can Keep Andy. I swear, we should have been kicked out of Bocce's in North Beach the way we were acting.

Now, if I can only manage to fall asleep...

Oh, found this tidbit in another journal. Go to google.com. Type in "weapons of mass destruction". Do NOT click "search"... click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Enjoy.

Let me know if it doesn't work... you should get an error message. Sort of.
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Manic Man

The Rockets Red Glare - Brought To You Live

Well, it turns out that we had a kick ass view of the fireworks in SF. Absolutely stellar. 20 minutes of pyrotechnics, with effects I hadn't seen before, like smiley faces, hearts, and patterns that defied description. Even the weather co-operated, the classic SF fog staying off shore, the evening chilly and crystal clear.

Ok, off to check my e-mail and off to bed. A few hours later, I plan to sleep.
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