August 6th, 2003

Yo Maniacal Tang

Well, That Was A Cosmic Cluster Fuck...

About 30 minutes after the last posting, I got a call from Michele. Seems I completely failed to internalize the fact that she returned to work this week... so all those phone calls to the house were worse than useless.

She had been trying to call me, but (of course) the phone was off-line. Finally, she thought to check LiveJournal, saw my petulant posting, and called Audra and Eileen's place. She was tired and hungry (having been at work for over 11 hours) and I was recovering from being worried, so it wasn't the BEST of conversations. I thinkstaying here last night was the better idea, for that very reason: No need to dump all that emotional crap on someone trying to get back into the swing of things.

So, the cell's back on, and I need to get my butt home with the pork buns so I can a) do chores, and b) do something about the financial situation to get us through a few more months.

More on that later: I just wanted to provide some closure to all the people that actually follow this little melodrama.