December 2nd, 2003

Manic Man

Strange Linkages Before Bed-Time

So, if y'all recall a pissy little entry I did a few weeks ago about Diebold Being Very Bad, where they were using copyright law (specifically a certain abomination called the DMCA) to try and silence people who had gotten ahold of emails from the company that illustrated how badly designed their voting machines were, not to mention how easy whole-scale election fraud could be perpetuated just in time to not re-elect a certain Shrub (he wasn't "elected" the first time, after all). Well, check out this little piece on ZDNet where they back peddle so fast they threaten to swamp low lying areas in their backwash. Extra credit for those people who can compare and contrast this somewhat expurgated version of the same story on Faux News. "Fair and Balanced" -- right. That's why they've completely left out the fact that Diebold is still being sued right back, along with some interesting little snippets that make it clear they were using the DMCA as a blunt instrument to prevent people from debating, as it's pointed out on ZDNet, "technologies that are at the heart of our democracy".

On a lighter note, here's another completely wrong cartoon bit from the incredibly twisted mind of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic.
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Manic Man

Coming Out On Top

So I ran into this piece about how some shady web site operators are ticked over Google thwarting their attempts to get listed higher when people do certain searches.

Out of curiosity, I decided to pop in "rotunda" as a search term. Much to my surprise, The Rotunda, my web site, came out at number one... out of 200K plus possible links.

Why do a feel this odd sense of pride? It's simply an accident of whatever tweaks Google has applied to it's search algorithm. Just to carry it through to it's obvious conclusion I tried Yohannon (position number one... my LiveJournal profile!), and a few more generic terms -- BBW, which I never realized is also the acronym for Banned Books Week, fat sex, which brought up about a million porn sites -- still brought up sites in the first three pages that MENTION my stuff, or me. Not too shabby for a few minutes ego surfing.

Complaints? Hell, as far as I'm concerned, Google has done right by THIS geek.
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