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Yohannon's Journal

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Thursday, December 25th, 2003
4:33a - Putting the "X" Back Into "X-mas"
So I was delighted to discover that Elf Sternberg has an LJ account (elfs), and was enjoying it muchly (particularly since the man has apparently been surfing different corners of the 'Net than I have), when I discovered this bit of complete wrongness.

Crank up the sound and enjoy it, especially if it isn't your holiday either.

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11:13p - It Was Probably A Mistake Writing It....
It rude, wrong, and otherwise disgusting... but a piece I had pretty much finished in late April is now fit as it's going to be. Which isn't very.

This whopper clocks in at over 6K, so I'm putting it behind a handy little cut tag. Be forewarned... it makes "Meeting Half Way" look positively tame by comparison. Yes, it's actually another piece of Harry Potter fan-fic... One I thought lost on the misplaced hard drive I discovered this week.

In Which Harry Potter Has To Clean Up Another of Dobby's MessesCollapse )

It should go without saying, but this monster is copyright 2003 by Yohannon/John Halbig. All rights reserved. Various characters copyright JK Rowling, who has no idea that I'm doing this, nor would approve, and are all played by either CGI creations or actors over the age of 18. Get it? Good.

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11:37p - Just One More For The Hell of It...
So, I was chatting with papershroud about "Dobby's Mistake", and realized there was ANOTHER piece "lost" on the aforementioned drive... the second of two pieces whipped up nearly a year ago for Carol Queen's "5 Minute Erotica". "Subway" made it in, but "Hot Tub" didn't. I actually PREFERRED this one, but that's because I'm kinky and bi, and they wanted vanilla and predominantly het.

This is only 1500 words, but it goes behind another cut. I think this way I won't lose it ever again.

And Yes, This Is Actually a Toned Down Version of Something that Actually Happened...Collapse )

This is ALSO copyright 2003 Yohannon/John Halbig, all rights reserved... and it's all mine, I tell you!

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