January 6th, 2004

Yo Flips Out

"You can't copyright anything on the Internet..."

I spotted this via johno's LJ, and was flabbergasted:

"Well, if it's on the internet it's up for grabs.  You can't copyright anything on the internet."

Now, for my take on this (which might come as a bit of a shock to Mr. Kieran Saunders of the Daily Star): When I was working at Garage.com, I received an e-mail from a fan of Guy Kawasaki's regarding a web site served out of Argentina, call migarage.com. To my complete shock they had ripped off not only the content, but the design and business model for Garage.com!

Even more shocking was that, when I examined the HTML code, it contained comments that I myself had written... right down to the typos!

After picking my jaw (and my stomach) off the floor, I ran down to our wonderful legal type person. As I correctly surmised, this qualified as a Damn Good Reason to walk through the door and type the URL onto her computer.

Skip forward about 8 months, and the end result is... well, try migarage.com as an URL, and you'll notice that it redirects to Garage.com. I never found out what the "settlement" consisted of, but I doubt it was very pleasant for them.

This was for a copyright violation in ARGENTINA. What does this prick think is going to happen to him in the UK? Not to mention the fact that the idiot is guilty of faking the news AND plagiarism.

What more embarrassing is that otherwise reputable newspapers picked this bad boy up off the wires and published it with a reference to Film Magazine as a source... a magazine that does not exist. Several fact checkers need to be fired if these articles passed by their desks.
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Manic Man

Yohannon's Life: The Saga Continues...

Well, after the craziness of this weekend past (unfortunately large chucks I've had to deem "friends only") I seem to be having a fairly mellow day today. Applied for 7 jobs that look either fun or well paid (or both), began to consider the options for housemates if it comes to that. Michele has said that when she moves out she would really like it if I could somehow keep the house... it's ironically the cheapest option for a place to live all around, and would kick ass for anyone working in San Jose or the peninsula.

As I was just telling kshandra, though, that's predicated on both having some clue as to what timetable we're looking at, what success I have in my short term job search, and how the lives of the people who would be on my mental short list would be going when all this happens. Which in turn leads me trying to reenforce my sense of faith, which seems to be holding up fairly well despite it's neo-rookie status.

While talking to src on the phone before I had this interesting insight: Perhaps the reason I feel so grounded lately is because I'm being pulled equally in all directions. Which doesn't bode well for that moment that I LOSE that center in any direction: Thus I become a spiritual version of Jerry Lewis, drunk and having a seizure.

UPDATE: This just in... MIchele just asked if it was okay if we work something out if she DOES get a job within commute distance. Well, DUH, of course...

Somebody hit me with a tranquilizer dart, stat!

UPDATE THE SECOND: Oh, and as of 5:22 AM PST, Mercury went direct. WOOhoo!
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Yo Maniacal Tang

Tee Hee Over Tees Tease

Let me let y'al on another Yohannon Mystery: I really don't forget anything per se. I mean, everything winds up in this vast soup of data that occasionally becomes useful from time to time.*

For example someone recently (as in the last month) asked me for a possible source of large size tee-shirts, and I couldn't think of any. I go wandering through some ancient bookmarks dating back several years, and LO:

A Really Cool Tee Shirt Source

Hopefully you're still reading me, despite my earlier failings.

* It's actually pretty annoying. Every now and again, I'll run into a solution for a problem I encountered years ago, at a job long since relegated to resume status. Even worse, I'll find one for someone who's since broken up with me or... *choke* died.
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Manic Man

Lambuel Is Possessed By SATAN!!!

Well, after nearly breaking a toe on a log dragging up some groceries (including some firewood, though it's warmed up remarkably today!) Michele was checking out this really bizarre web site:

Lambuel spins her head like Linda Blair Gone Soft

(Note: For the full effect, place mouse over image of the Lamb's head, with the sounds turned up. Click once.)

Scroll down for items like Habu's Corner ("I'm so confused by all these gods..." "Hey Habu, simplify your life with JESUS!" And all the saints, angels, archangels, demons... but that's not polytheistic at all, no sir!) a warning to avoid "Mr. Gruff" atheist ("If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood, TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY!") and a "Creation Science" corner guaranteed to prevent your little ones from achieving anything more than a 10th grade education.

This whole site is so unintentionally funny that some (like scixual) aren't entirely certain it isn't a twisted parody gone horribly wrong. Check out the CafePress Store for more hysterical tidbits, such as the "Rapture" wall clock, the thong underwear (no, I'm NOT kidding), and the "Bazooka Jesus" sticker ("Hey Jesus! Doesn't walking on the water make your sandals wet?" "NO... because they're WATER MOCCASINS!").

I can't wait to co-opt this stuff for the next play party I attend... or Gay Pride Parade... or...

The mind boggles.

UPDATED: kshandra made the observation after calling me (on the phone... wowsers!) that it sounded like these people would think Buddy Jesus was a GOOD idea. 'Nuff said!
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