February 3rd, 2004


Being Sick Sucks Great, Big, Hairy...

Strangely enough, NOT being sick can suck even more, when you seem to be the only one who isn't,

The Wonder Triplets were ALL ill: The problem is, we all came down with it last Thursday, and I was better by Friday. Okay, if I'm COMPLETELY honest, I was better by the same evening.

They, however, are just starting to get better, and penguin_goddess is suffering... and I mean SUFFERING... from the THIRD go round of a sinus infection from hell. In fact, I awoke at 4 am, lavendersage trying to get her coherent enough to decide if this was reaching ER proportions or not. Once I managed to get my own focus back I talked her down (I apologized profusely to Audra later, as I was short with her at first... nothing like waking up to someone you care about in agony to make one a bit pissy), which gave the TWO vicodin she took a chance to do the job.

Still no word today regarding either of the job prospects, but that's not a big shock. kshandra spent several hours with me last night making darn sure I wasn't thinking about that very much.

(Giggles to self and waves to the Koosh)

By the way, just for the record: Who gives a shit about a bare breast exposed for a few seconds? Okay, so that wasn't a pastie as it was reported initially... it was a barbell style piercing with a sun shaped decorative thingie (the exact name escapes me for the moment). Big deal. Hell, last week on "Joe Average" (Roni makes me watch. I swear!) they had 8 guys strip to the bare chest, and whatever else you wanna call them, those are TITS you're looking at. In fact, male nipples are strictly for erogenous purposes at this point in our evolution... whilst at least female breasts are FUNCTIONAL. What a fucked up, immature country this is. No wonder europeans laugh at our asses about this sort of thing.
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Yo Maniacal Tang

Things Coming in Threes

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.

Anyone who's managed to make it to my little corner of the world may have noted a framed certificate hanging over my downstairs stove, regaling my indoctrination into the Order of the Red Eye Knights. This bit of whimsy was granted to me after a particularly grueling session of Quality Assurance that, originally scheduled to be three days long, wound up clocking in a three WEEKS of 16 hour days, weekends included.

To keep with the rule of 3, I slept for three days after that was all over.

The man in charge of this debacle (the product in question was Apple's Copeland operating system, and this would be the ONLY version that would actually be released) was David Bowers.

I told you all that to tell you this.

I got a voicemail today from David, telling me of this project in Redwood City that was in desperate need of a QA person, and for some reason he thought of me. Actually, he specifically referenced the above mentioned test cycle, which apparently made me stand out in his mind as someone who was willing to do about ANYTHING to make it happen.

From his careful descriptions (ah, the joy of NDA constraints!) it sound like a combination of a CEO who's trying to make up for some minor mis-steps and is overcompensating just a tad, and a group of non-QA minded people trying to do too many build QA cycles on too short a timeline. Throw in the catch 22 of needing good documentation for non-QA types to pull this sort of thing off, yet there aren't enough QA people to document the damn process sufficiently yet... and it's a stress farm, not to mention a disaster waiting to happen. That they've avoided it thus far is a miracle to us both.

So, yet another resume to be sent off, with some greasing from networking to help it along. Another sign of the improving situation here in the valley -- I've always KNOWN that there were a lot of people out there that if there WAS a position right for me, they would've let me know. David, a man that I would gladly concede has far more skills than myself, has only just scored a "real" job (he did have a brief stint managing a ceramics store at the Valley Fair mall) this past month.

If this keeps up, I might actually be faced with too many job choices. I think I can live with that.
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Manic Man

Counting on the Date

So, check out this format of today's date (at least as we reckon it here in the US of the Asinine):


I know, it's just a silly trick of date math, but it tickles me none the less. Sort of the way I felt on 9-9-99. And if I time this just right, it could be 2/3/4 at 5. But I digress...

(And I should get it in gear to get some sort of wood from town. src is due in just over two hours, and it's COLD here.)
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