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Yohannon's Journal

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
5:19p - Way Eastern California Wilds This Time
So, ambar asked if I could hang out with her at her place east of Stockton this weekend. Since I really want to spend more time with her (and others, for that matter) I managed to work up the courage to ask Roni if it would be okay. Normally, taking the occasional Saturday isn't that big a deal, but her birthday WAS this Friday past and all. Since apparently I was a good boyfriend -- what, with treating her to a night at Harbin, a steak dinner, a shopping trip to the Avenue Plus across the freeway from where we had dinner, and... well, dessert later that night (more on that in a bit) -- she told me it was okay for me to go.

Now, my timing to get to Ambar's place turned out to be great... in fact, I managed to get here whilst she was on her way to the local grocery store to pick up some dead cow for dinner. Fortunately, I have net access, a wireless network to slip into, and the portable to write on. There was even a Dr. Pepper in the fridge (that was really sweet... she's on the whole atkin's no carbs thing and all), so I'm relatively well caffeinated.

As For Last Night (Linked For Those Who Want To Avoid TMI)Collapse )

So, I think I'll post this and do some OTHER writing for a change. On the drive up I had a few character ideas I wanted to flesh out a bit.

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6:24p - Sunsets and Owls
I had just finished doing a minor re-write on a short story I'm submitting soon, when I turned around to be greeted by an absolute kick ass sunset:


Of course, the pic SO doesn't do it justice. However, while I was out there I got to see an actual owl... heard it before I saw it. It was so clear a classic "Hoo-hoo..." sound that it almost didn't register at first. I turned around, and there it was... close enough that even a mediocre digital camera in even crappier light pulled this one off:

Cool... It's an owl!

I've seen owls before, usually in the company of falconers... this was the first time I've seen one in the wild. It swooped off shortly after this, and I couldn't get the camera up fast enough to take the shot (darn!)

current mood: bouncy

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