February 21st, 2004

Yo Maniacal Tang

Way Eastern California Wilds This Time

So, ambar asked if I could hang out with her at her place east of Stockton this weekend. Since I really want to spend more time with her (and others, for that matter) I managed to work up the courage to ask Roni if it would be okay. Normally, taking the occasional Saturday isn't that big a deal, but her birthday WAS this Friday past and all. Since apparently I was a good boyfriend -- what, with treating her to a night at Harbin, a steak dinner, a shopping trip to the Avenue Plus across the freeway from where we had dinner, and... well, dessert later that night (more on that in a bit) -- she told me it was okay for me to go.

Now, my timing to get to Ambar's place turned out to be great... in fact, I managed to get here whilst she was on her way to the local grocery store to pick up some dead cow for dinner. Fortunately, I have net access, a wireless network to slip into, and the portable to write on. There was even a Dr. Pepper in the fridge (that was really sweet... she's on the whole atkin's no carbs thing and all), so I'm relatively well caffeinated.

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So, I think I'll post this and do some OTHER writing for a change. On the drive up I had a few character ideas I wanted to flesh out a bit.
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Journal Goddess

Sunsets and Owls

I had just finished doing a minor re-write on a short story I'm submitting soon, when I turned around to be greeted by an absolute kick ass sunset:


Of course, the pic SO doesn't do it justice. However, while I was out there I got to see an actual owl... heard it before I saw it. It was so clear a classic "Hoo-hoo..." sound that it almost didn't register at first. I turned around, and there it was... close enough that even a mediocre digital camera in even crappier light pulled this one off:

Cool... It's an owl!

I've seen owls before, usually in the company of falconers... this was the first time I've seen one in the wild. It swooped off shortly after this, and I couldn't get the camera up fast enough to take the shot (darn!)
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