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Monday, April 26th, 2004
5:25p - Greetings From Chez Watt!
Well, just to clarify, that last post was supposed to go up Friday night. What a difference a weekend makes!

That happened to be the last night I spent in the house in Boulder Creek. I think I had trouble falling asleep that night knowing that: I hate the finality of it all. Even knowing all the hassles we would have had to face eventually (tenting the house for wood boring beetles, just to give an example), it was still a very special place. I re-assure myself by telling the nattering part of my brain that there will be better places in the future.

Certainly the place I find myself in now is high up on the list, even as a rental. Now that all the furniture and assorted "stuff" has been moved in, and even before it's even remotely sorted and stashed, I'm practically rattling around in this place. Since Roni has even fewer items to bring over than I did, I don't think we'll have too much trouble setting up the house.

I brought the two older cats, Bijou and Tiger-Lilly, down from the old place (the younger cats, Lovechild and Scout, travelled with Michele and Rob). The acclimated to their new home with astonishing speed. I had personally seen Bijou through 4 previous moves, and she tended to hide under a bed for several days before even consenting to be seen. Apparently she was out and sprawling in the sun by Sunday... a new record.

The Israeli's that performed the move (no, that wasn't a slur... these guys were all immigrants from Israel who looked like they lifted refrigerators solo for entertainment) were amazing, though they were a bit clumsy when lugging things up to my new place, prompting Suha (the male half of my Landperson couple) to come running out with a bunch of old rug runs to pad the 100+ year old hard wood floors. I let him do the yelling I would have done if he hadn't.

Roni spent the night Saturday, which was very nice. The plan was to go hit Ikea (VERY conveniently located in downtown Emeryville) first thing Sunday. We actually were awake around 10:30, which was good, as there was a tapping at our front door. Since there was only one possible reason someone could have gotten past the front door without buzzing us was that it was the aforementioned landpersons, I hustled down to see what was wrong.

It turned out that there was a leak coming from my bathroom through their ceiling. They were shocked to learn that, not only hadn't I been taking a shower, no water had been running in the apartment at all, as we had just gotten out of bed. In fact, I had taken two showers total in that apartment at that point... the last one being the previous afternoon. EARLY afternoon.

Suddenly I was grateful NOT to be the home owner.

So, Roni and I went to Ikea (fluorescent light bulbs, the two kitchen starter kits, a corner shelf for the shower, and a few other small essentials), Cost Plus (a new papa-san cushion... on sale!), and bed, bath and beyond (a water purifier, trash cans, salt and pepper grinders). After bringing our haul up to the apartment, I drove Roni back to the city (she had an interview today, which reminds me that I should call her to see how it went!), and came back to try and organize things a bit more before lavendersage came to spend the night.

It was a wonderful time together (with only a few rough patches... I wish I knew how to respond better when people are having a bad time, especially when it isn't anything that I did), though this morning she seemed to vanish before I managed to wake fully. I know she was here when I woke up around 6:30 ish, but she was gone two hours later when I awoke with a start -- my alarm having failed to go off at 8 am.

Which was important, as the fine people at Alameda Power and Telecomm (APT... yeah, I'm sure they know all the possible jokes) were supposed to show up at 8:30 with the bucket truck in hopes of getting cable up to the top of what turns out is one of the tallest structures in alameda that isn't an apartment building or church.

I take back any of the mean things I said (or even thought) about APT last Friday... they really came through today. In fact, when the cable modem clocked in at "only" 580 Kbps, the installer told me he was going to get me another Modem, or escalate as a service problem, as I should be seeing speeds between 1500 and 2400 Kbps. He tolde me to try and live with it as it stood for today, and he would get back to me with a resolution for the problem first thing tuesday.

Live with it... right. It's ONLY about 20 times faster than my BEST dial up speed back in Boulder Creek.

So, I was able to (finally) fire up the self-paced Apple courses, breaking only to get some more food, drinks, and a desperately needed window fan (wouldn't you know it... record high temps my first nights at this new place. At least it should kill any remaining mold and or mildew spores lurking about my stuff).

In fact, I should get back to that now... I want to finish the second days worth of studying by tonight, before I run over to Michele's to get her TiVo working.

current mood: tired

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7:23p - Delayed... But Important
Hey, just wanted to pass this on (especially since I gave this org a tentative thumbs up when they first got started) -- kshandra clued me into a link to a story about Club Curves that made me more than a little nauseous, the relevant passage being the following:

"Just so you know: Gary Heavin, the founder of the Waco, Texas-based chain of exercise studios called Curves, is a heavy contributor to several organizations allied with Operation Save America, the rather more muscular successor to Operation Rescue, the anti-choice group.

"The organizations he funds are spreading the lie that abortions lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. Planned Parenthood says its operations in Texas are being threatened by Heavin-funded clinics based on the old therapeutic model "you must carry your child to term."

"In an article in Christianity Today, Heavin expressed pride in his involvement with anti-choice groups, to which he donates 10 percent of Curves' profits. You may do with this information what you will."

I already know of at least half a dozen women who have either cancelled memberships or decided against joining based on this little factoid. Ah well... I was already getting peeved that they went from "fit at any weight" to the usual weight loss focus anyway.

[and I know she posted this a week or so ago already... it's just been THAT busy]

current mood: disgusted

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