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Reasons The System Is Broken, Number 12,543,019...

Here's a trick question:

You hear that company X has sued person y. Do you assume that X is evil, or that y is guilty?

Now let's plug in some real values: X = RIAA, y = a disabled single mother in Oregon.

Oh it gets better than that.

I knew it was only a matter of time before they finally sued the wrong person -- someone who was a) innocent, b) capable of generating a LOT of sympathy from a jury, c) had absolutely nothing to lose.

We've all known for years that the threat of a lawsuit is often used to bludgeon the weak and small into submission. Innocence is meaningless in this country, being in the RIGHT is meaningless, unless you have the money to prove it.

I think a lot of mainstream america either doesn't know it, or assumes that people being sued by the RIAA are already guilty. Let's see how much press this little story can generate, and maybe they'll be slower to judge.

Hey, I can dream.
Tags: politics, rant
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