April 5th, 2005


Yohannon, Dumbass Noob

Ok, this is stupid. I KNOW I posted an update this last weekend (Sunday, to be precise)... but here I am, checking in at work, and it's not there. I can only surmise that I took the time to write the damn entry, and forgot to post it.


No worries... I saved it to disk at home, and can post it later. Still...
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yo sits

I Can See My House From Up Here!

Holy shit, this is TOO goddamn cool not to share RIGHT NOW...

Go to maps.google.com. Type in an address. At the top right side of the page there's a link that says "Satellite". Click on it, and proceed to zoom in on bits and pieces of your life, or (if you're like me) on your past.

There's something intrinsically different about zooming about these images than using a map. For example, I pulled up SUNY Purchase, and suddenly I could point to specific landmarks that litter dozens of stories I tell from that era. You can't really do that with lines on map, not really. For one thing, you can't, say, point to a tree in a field and remark "I lay beneath that the very first time I tried magic mushrooms as a stupid freshman" on a map.

poetryslam (whose LJ I stole this from) makes a rather amusing point about the zoom, and how maybe you'd learn a little more than you should from zooming in a tad too closely. It does make one wonder: If this is the mainstream application and you can make out individual cars, imagine what the "classified" shit can do.

Look up and say "cheese", everyone.

I don't care... it's STILL cool.
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