April 18th, 2005

Manic Man

Wearing The Pants in the Family...

The Apple family, that is.

Here's the thing - the ONE concession to any sort of individual style I might have was to wear a rather colorful tropical shirt, open of course, while working. Other than that I pretty much toed the "strongly encouraged" portion of the dress code, which is all black for the most part.

Then some bright boy decided that having a name lanyard wasn't enough, you couldn't add ANYTHING that could cover the tee shirts in question -- which means I have a particularly obnoxious manger type who's taken it upon herself to bug me about the shirts. I've been chaffing at this for a week or so now, only today (when I forgot to take off the shirt in question when dealing with some crisis on the floor) when the answer came to me.

Checking the HR Retail dress code carefully, I discovered something VERY interesting... there are NO guidelines as to what I should wear other than the shirt.

This makes Yo go "hmmmm..." -- as in, I need sources for the most garish,outlandish, and downright hideously colorful pants known to mankind.

I suspect y'all know where I'm going with this one.
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