April 24th, 2005

Yo Maniacal Tang

Taking A Picture (Because it Lasts Longer)

Well, it's finally happened -- We're caught up at work. After literally MONTHS of playing pull forward and fall behind (much like the stock market our esteemed idiot in chief seems to think is a SMART thing to do with your retirement nest egg), last night I found myself doing all the stuff I would have done today. Which means today at work I can get to all that self-paced training I was supposed to be doing as a matter of course all this time, or clean and straighten things up a bit (though i've already managed a lot of THAT here and there as well), or... well, post an entry to my online journal.

Like this one.

As recently pointed out it's difficult to feel bad when one works overtime, cuts one's lunch short, and almost NEVER takes a 15 minute break (I can think of about half a dozen times over the last year). I might feel a little worse if I were to followup on any of the job leads that bunnybutt sent my way this week, but since I did those during lunch yesterday, that's not a major issue.

Had a minor kerfluffle with [Unknown LJ tag] last night on the phone -- apparently she has some contractions Wednesday and didn't think it was worthy of a call. I admit, I was a bit tired and cranky, so I was a bit grumpier than absolutely necessary -- yet the whole situation had uncomfortable echoes of my mother's rather unfortunate tendency to not want to bother me with bad news. Oh, the baby's fine... in fact, after next week she'll be full term, so these little panics will have a whole new meaning.

I have THREE photo shoots this week, including one with Roni tonight. The other two (Tuesday and Wednesday night, respectively) are going to be the first remote shoots with the new camera. I have to admit to being a bit nervous about them, especially since one of the shoots is going to be with someone new to modeling. The website is moving along nicely (I've seen some of the early mockups), and the model list keeps growing every day... the only reason I don't have 50 models for the site right now is the basic barrier of distance -- most of the aspiring fat goddesses are located in the midwest and east coast. Strangely enough, the largest number of them are in Ohio. Always wanted to see the rock and roll museum...

At the current pace I could have another 10K photos for the new site by the time it opens -- that's in addition to the 10K from the old camera that SJ currently has, plus the sets she's throwing in from HER old web site (the one that she "retired" from until my apparently nascent artistic ability induced her to put herself out there again). To say that would be an excellent backlog for a new site would be an understatement. What blows my mind is realizing that first 10K covers the last three years, the second less than three MONTHS. Ok, maybe I'm not considering the fact that I really hadn't photographed much at all for 2004, so we're talking about maybe 18 months of shooting... it's still a bit intimidating to think that I'll be doing the same work in about a sixth of the time while pulling a full time job.

Yet I am *SO* looking forward to it. I'm trying not to build up too much in the way of expectation, but this feels like such a positive shift in how I'm viewing my career direction.

Obviously, if you're interested in modeling for me and I haven't already spoken to you, let me know... I probably either assumed you weren't interested, or simply didn't think of it. Let me know even if you're not local to me... I really believe this will take off enough that I can start traveling to do more shoots.
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Manic Man

Damn You, Murphy! Damn You to HELL!!!

Re-read my last post. The one where I said "Ooo, now I can catch up on all that self-paced training"?


First, Chris surprised me with deciding to do some training himself, which suddenly put me in the front. Then, we were HAMMERED all day, right up until after we closed.

Fortunately, I wisely read my LJ before leaving, so I could find that I have even MORE models then I expected. I *so* have to invest in a lighting kit that can travel the friendly skies withough being mangled on arrival. Y'all rock!

Now, off to Roni, who waits outside. Later!
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