August 4th, 2005

Yo Maniacal Tang

The Downhill Side...

I'm sure I'll bitch about this job at some point. I'll get frustrated (with someone other than myself, of course... I'm ALWAYS frustrated with myself), annoyed, perturbed, over-ruled capriciously, and so on.

Just not yet.

I can't believe how fast hump-day came and went. I've been learning a lot, with my brains more or less remaining where they belong (as opposed to oozing grayly from my ears). So far, the health benefits look fine (certainly no worse than Apple's, and in many ways they're actually better), and the job perks just keep revealing themselves a little at a time, the teases.

Today I discovered that what I thought were some rather nice, curved fresnel* lens-like panel next to my cube entrance is actually a sliding door.

My cube has a DOOR.

The stress levels so far have, as always, been self-imposed. Every one else seems to have plenty of time to get things done, even with the myriad built-in social meetings. We actually had TEA on Tuesday. With china cups, saucers, et al. Lumps of sugar. SCONES.

I thought of Linda Underhill a lot while I was there. She would have approved.

Today, between 12 and 5, Mike (my boss) is whisking off the support group off for a "secret" team building meeting** (food and "refreshments" provided). With the various birthday, tea, and now this, I've actually only will have worked 32 (ok, it's closer to 35... I keep forgetting it's already after 5 PM) hours this week.

Last night on the drive home I decided to check what the ACTUAL drive was in terms of distance. I've been guessing at the "8 blocks", but that's kind of a vague term, and based on NYC blocks (ten long blocks == 1 mile). Based on the trip odometer it was about .85 miles.

Call it 8 blocks.

If all I did was commute from home to work, it would take... well, let's round it up to a mile to make the math a LOT easier. Averaging 24 mpg city, it would take... hmmm

(scritching noise from pen)

That can't be right. Based on a 15 gallon tank, which normally gives me about a 350 mile range, and assuming 20 work days a month (give or take), if I filled up today (August 4, 2005), I wouldn't have to fill up again until April 2006. Of course, the reality is a bit different, but it illustrates the difference between my old commute (where I had to refill the tank about once a week) to now.


* I can't believe I used the word "fresnel" in my journal twice in one week.
** This is a geekism for "We're going to do something cool on company time, and the MBA's have inadvertantly given us the secret words to doing so. Nyah.
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