August 16th, 2005

yo sits

Collective Sighs of Relief

Well, I survived the NAAFA convention. Roni survived (and in fact thrived on) her first forays into publicly performing burlesque and singing at the same time. That would be the short form, of course.

I was actually semi-successful with my first outing with the new cam in an uncontrolled environment. Because there were so many shots, I'm cheating horribly and posting them to my .Mac account (which means I'll probably have to break down and up it again next year).

Oh, and there was this woman... Monica... who was at the Fat Sex workshop who, as it turned out, wanted to interview me for a documentary she was doing. Of course I agreed (it's flattering!).

Imagine my surprise when I learned afterwards that she worked with Michael Moore on "Bowling for Columbine" and the exec producer for her docupic is the same one who worked on Moore's. In fact, she's hoping to have the film wrapped in February '06 so she can have it ready for a little film festival in 2007... Sundance something or other.

I know I need to post more about the weekend, but now I'm too tired...