October 5th, 2005

Yo Maniacal Tang

Putting 00000010 and 00000010 Together...*

[WARNING: The following entry will produce various clicks and buzzes in the minds of non-geeks. You might want to skip over this unless that sort of thing gets you particularly hot.]**

What a weird day.

I'm feeling even geekier than usual -- during lunch I managed to get the on-board network card... well, working... on the Pentium 4 box I got for Roni's gaming under OSX86, with the caveat that the PCI ethernet card I had slapped in seems to be replicating entries in the Network Pref Pane every time I apply the on-board settings.

Next, I FINALLY seem to be grasping regular expressions a bit more intuitively! Only a geek would find this a beautiful thing***:

p4 files //... | grep delete | sed -E /\#.*$/s//\#none/ | p4 -x - sync -f

Then, an old friend couldn't resist sending me this article on the positive side of ADHD. In a case of excellent context sensitive ads, the banners were of Ty Pennington (of "Extreme Home Makeover" fame) endorsing Adderal (which I so happen to be on right now. Woo!)

All that, and a few more "Great Response!" reviews at work, and I'm a happy boy. Now if only I hadn't forgotten that Kim needed help retrieving the rug that the idiots at the furniture outlet had forgotten to send with the rest of her furniture...

*Oh come on, you can figure it out from context, right?
**Yeah, go figure... there are some who do. Something about brainy stuff. I wish I could have found y'all in high school.
***Sure, you old school regex types can look upon me with disdain... but *I* was proud. So there.
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