October 7th, 2005

yo sits

Subject Subject to Subject's Subjective Analysis*

Because it's been asked, I should note that I'm NOT available this weekend (sorry, perlandria, I would have loved to have seen you, and I hope you're having a great time at SiliCon, misdev) -- I'll be somewhere in the wilds of the east bay trying to recall my camping chops with lindygale.

I'm being amused by an interesting e-mail bug. It's under the category of e-mail programs that assume way too much about the language of replies.

A customer in Germany sent us a fairly complicated question that looked simple -- you know, the worst kind. I wound up handing it off to the UK office, which had a few further exchanges.

I noticed that the subject lines in the call log kept getting longer -- message subjects from us were being prepended with the classic "Re:", which most english email programs recognize properly, and thus know not to add an endless line of "Re:Re:Re..."'s. Yes, they used to do that in the bad ol' days.

Only the message were coming back from our erstwhile German with the prefix "Antwort:", which would in turn have yet another "Re:" placed in from of it. A quick trip to bablefish, and I discover that Antwort is german for "Answer".

By the time the problem was resolved, the subject line was almost double it's orginal length, with a line of "Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort:".

Ok, maybe it's not so funny now that I've written it down. Call it a bizarre geek nostalgia.

And what's this weirdness I hear about people turning their blogs into 6 figure income generating machines, and they have NOTHING to do with porn?

* Gotta love the english language.
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Manic Man

Ego Surfing Re-visted

I rarely do memes, as a rule. But after I saw kshandra's version of this one, I figured I'd give it a try.

Type "[your name] needs" (in quotes) into Google and post the first ten (distinct) results.

My first attempt, "Yohannon needs", produced no results (sniff). I almost didn't bother doing the obvious alternative, "John needs", but I needed to take a break, so what the hey, right?
  1. John needs a good home.

  2. John Needs Your Bone Marrow!

  3. When spoken to, John needs a few seconds to gather his response and sometimes a prompt to let him know you are waiting for his response.

  4. John needs a way to assign an item's UUID to an attribute (as opposed to assigning a reference), so I added a new form of attribute-assignment to parcel.xml.

  5. Therefore, John's needs are the most demanding regardless of what size mountain the other people will ultimately climb.

  6. John needs our help.

  7. John needs to focus more on keeping on task and ensuring he completes his work.

  8. John needs something that is admirable, but rare and hard to find, namely wisdom.

  9. John needs to find out which Special is killing the others.

  10. John needs to work to create a healthy place for romance.

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